last events

21 of April 2017 The strikes against pro-government positions today by Israel seemed to have only caused material damage, possibly a tank and something else. No human casualties.
21 of April 2017 More Israeli strikes are reported against government positions (seems artillery). Several Israeli drones are in the area, Quneitra, Syria.
21 of April 2017 Syrian government commander of the First Battalion acknowledges Israeli strikes and says there were no injuries as a result of them adding that the strikes are to disrupt government advances against rebels, Quneitra, Syria.
21 of April 2017 .@IDFSpokesperson: In response to the projectiles fired from Syria that hit the northern Golan Heights earlier this evening, the Israeli army targeted the launch sites.
21 of April 2017 Second Israeli strike targeting a government position in Quneitra province, this time near al-Samadiniyah al-Sharqiyah (close to frontline).
21 of April 2017 Israel striked a government position east of Ain Ayshaa in Quneitra province, Syria.
21 of April 2017 Rebels sending reinforcements and pounding with heavy artillery pro-government forces including Hezbollah positions as they try to advance, Quneitra, Syria.
21 of April 2017 SMART News .@SMARTNewsAgency interviews child soldiers forced to fight for the government in Fua and Kefraya, Idlib, Syria.
20 of April 2017 Abandoned / destroyed tanks (and 1 BMP-1) in Zabadani
20 of April 2017 Hezballah military commander only 3 meters away from Israel electronic security fence- the Israel-Lebanon borders
20 of April 2017 Hezballah commander explain Israeli army defensive measures including Cliffs, ditches and cement blocks added lately. Lebanon
20 of April 2017 The Syrian army and its allies control the town of Taybeh Imam northwest of the town of Maardes in the northern countryside of Hama
20 of April 2017 Hezballah fighters deployed in positions close to Israel - Lebanon borders
19 of April 2017 Hezbollah's Ali Daamoush Condemns St. Catherine’s Monastery Attack
19 of April 2017 A US military cargo plane was spotted at Lebanon's Rayak airbase Monday - apparently delivering equipment to army
18 of April 2017 UNHCR statement on Foua Kefraya massacre: "likely amounts to a war crime". Confirms there are those who are missing and now in opposition hands.
17 of April 2017 Eyewitness .@AbdHabak confirms to .@joeyayoub that the blue Hyundai truck which came from opposition areas was the one which exploded and killed the people of Fua and Kefraya alongside rebels next to the van which carried aid (chips/crisps) for children in Rashideen, west Aleppo, Syria.
16 of April 2017 Footage: A short conversation between a woman from Fuah (government-held) and a Syrian rebel field commander [English summary].
16 of April 2017 The blue vehicle was driving on the southern lane of M-5 to Aleppo; was thus coming from the opposition-held territory, west Aleppo, Syria.
16 of April 2017 Video of the blast which killed 110+ among people from Fuah Kefraya and Rebels (~30). The blue truck is said to the SVBIED, west Aleppo, Syria.
15 of April 2017 55 buses and 8 ambulances from Zabadani/Madaya reached Idlib while 73 buses and 20 ambulances from Fuah/Kefraya arrived in Aleppo, Syria.
15 of April 2017 After being besieged and starved during 5 years by the government and Hezbollah, civilians and fighters from Zabadani & Madaya were welcomed in Idlib, Syria.
15 of April 2017 Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham stated to On the Ground News that they are committed to the principles of the agreement with Iran in spite of today's bombing in Rashidin that killed 100+ and wounded dozens, Syria.
15 of April 2017 Wounded Fu'ah and Kefraya civilians arriving in Aleppo hospitals, a lot of wounded children, Syria.
15 of April 2017 Syrian rebel faction Ahrar al-Sham condemns today's 'cowardly attack', and says it only suits the sectarian agenda of the Syrian regime.
15 of April 2017 Photos: Pro-opposition journalists and rebels help carry wounded civilians from the Shia towns Kefraya & Fua following the deadly bombing today in al-Rashideen, Aleppo, Syria.
15 of April 2017 Among the killed civilians in the Rashidin bombing are 6 people from Zabadani + 1 from Madaya who came to welcome their relatives on the buses.
15 of April 2017 OGN's Akif Razaq: "Today's exchange point was viciously attacked. Both HTS security personnel, evacuees, and civilians killed."
15 of April 2017 .@LabibAlNahhas: Fua/Kefraya wounded were taken to nearby hospitals. They will be treated & given full care. Unlike Assad, we don't discriminate.
15 of April 2017 .@LabibAlNahhas: We reject any accusations levelled at the opposition for this heinous crime. Our role was to secure civilians not kill them, unlike Assad.
15 of April 2017 .@LabibAlNahhas, Chief of Foreign Political Relations at Ahrar al-Sham: The targeting of buses carrying Fua/Kefraya civilians is a crime. We condemn it in strongest terms. An investigation is underway.
15 of April 2017 .@LabibAlNahhas: Nearly a third of those killed in the bomb blast are opposition group fighters who were escorting Fua/Kefraya convoys.
15 of April 2017 .@thiqanewsagency: Footage seconds after the Rashidin blast. Harrowing screams of women and children in the background as blaze ravages the scene.
15 of April 2017 A Fouah/Kefarya civilian to .@ZamanEnglish News: "A van was distributing crisps (chips). Children started running after it. It then exploded".
15 of April 2017 Fuah/Kefraya - Zabadani/Madaya - Yarmouk agreement still on track after today's massacre. Several buses from Aleppo heading to Rashidin, Syria.
15 of April 2017 Shaken .@SyrianCivilDef 1st responder: "This is a terrorist act. We lost martyrs on both sides and we saved people on both sides. We're neutral".
15 of April 2017 .@C_Military1: This statement said to be from Jaysh al-Islam claiming the bombing today in Rashideen is fabricated, Aleppo.
15 of April 2017 A diagram showing the location of the explosion that targeted opposition fighters who accompanied the Kafarya and Fu'ah convoy.
15 of April 2017 Madaya FB publishes an appeal from Ramouseh District: "We condemn this terrorist bombing but we're sitting ducks here. Every one is scared".
15 of April 2017 Full statement from Madaya-Zabadani evacuees on Rashideen bombing, appeal for protection.
15 of April 2017 Opposition activists are sharing this picture asserting that rebels were the ones who were targeted and were affected mostly by the explosion today in Rashideen, asserting that the Kafarya and Fu'ah convoy (pictured on the left side) wasn't necessarily aimed at while opposition fighters on the right were hit by the explosion.
15 of April 2017 .@seyfuddinq: I was few km away from the explosion and it felt like I almost got hit by an airstrike. Among the casualties are fighters from HTS and Ahrar.
15 of April 2017 (Graphic) Local Syrian journalist at the harrowing scene: "Lots of people are killed, both FSA and Fua. It's indescribable".
14 of April 2017 Assad-forces in Madaya west of Damascus
14 of April 2017 Footage: NDF live fire exercise against an imagined Israeli position. Israeli flag tore down, replaced with NDF/Hezbollah flags.
14 of April 2017 HTS statement - Stage 2: After 60 days, everyone left in Fua & Kefraya will leave, and 1000 people (rebels + families) will leave Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. 1500 prisoners, men & women, will be released from government jails in stages. 50 families from Zabadani will be released from Hezbollah jails.
14 of April 2017 HTS statement reads the deal was between all Jaysh al-Fateh factions and Iran, not just HTS. The deal has 2 stages to it: 8,000 people will leave Fua & Kefraya (government fighters & their families) and 3,200 will leave Madaya & Zabadani (rebels & families).
14 of April 2017 Ebaa News Agency (HTS media wing) releases information about the Madaya-Zabadani-Fua-Kefraya-Yarmouk Camp deal.
14 of April 2017 Footage from the city of Madaya in Syria after the last batch of rebels left the town as part of the larger four cities deal with the government.
14 of April 2017 Hama Battle: intense battle on Helfaya front as pro-Government forces with Iraqis and Hezbollah launched assault from Muhardah area.
14 of April 2017 Residents, fighters begin evacuating 4 Syrian besieged towns under a deal brokered by opposition backer Qatar and government ally Iran
14 of April 2017 First buses leave Madaya, Zabadani for Idlib
13 of April 2017 Up to 10 small-caliber mortar rounds were reported fired against buses in Fua-Kefraya as the 1st batches of civilians were prepping to leave. 2 civilians are injured.
13 of April 2017 Entry of buses to evacuate Kafraya and al Fuah in Idlib
13 of April 2017 Buses and ambulances in Fua-Kefraya are still waiting to begin the evacuation process. Ahrar commander says the logistics to move 8,000 people are 'complex' hence the delay.
13 of April 2017 According to Source on Ground , No Israel Air Stikes Attack Allies or SAA in around Flietha area, No SAA there
13 of April 2017 Syrian Army military sources denied there were any Israeli Airstrikes on Flitah in western Qalamoun, so reports of witnesses hearing large explosions are fake and false.
13 of April 2017 [This is false - at least 2 times in the night in last weeks such reports]Israeli Airforces reportedly struck Hezbollah/SAA positions in Flitah barrens northwest Damascus.
12 of April 2017 More confusion around Madaya, Zabadani, Fuaa Kefraya. Madaya source: deal pushed to tomorrow evening, Fuaa source: going ahead at midnight
12 of April 2017 Nikki Haley says 'Assad is not a partner for peace and Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are lending their hand to a barbaric regime'.
12 of April 2017 New earthwork is constantly been added in and around Al-Qusayr AB, despite no visible presence of any forces inside the base itself
12 of April 2017 US @statedeptspox calls on Hezbollah to "immediately withdraw from Syria"
12 of April 2017 United States calls for the immediate withdrawal of Hizballah in Syria — State department spokesperson.
11 of April 2017 Daraa: Al-Bunian Al-Marsous op. room launched surprise operation and seized 15 more buildings in Al-Manshiyah
11 of April 2017 Tillerson says Russia must choose between aligning with US and likeminded countries or with Assad, Iran and Hezbollah.
10 of April 2017 Kremlin denied joint statement with Iran and Hezbollah on "red lines" for U.S military action
10 of April 2017 Hezbollah Denounces Egypt Bombings, Warns against Conspiracy to Displace.
9 of April 2017 Russia, Iran and Hezbollah military leaders release joint statement, threatens the U.S.
9 of April 2017 Hezbollah, Russia and Iran coalition is now threatening U.S. to not attack Assad
9 of April 2017 Hama: FSA Jaish Nasr denouncing pro-government foreign militias using Christian towns of Muhardah and Suquaylbiyah to attack nearby locations
7 of April 2017 Russian ambassador to Lebanon speaks to Hezbollah's @Alahednews: U.S. strike in Syria was in support of terrorism.
7 of April 2017 Hezbollah statement: US attack in Syria was a "foolish" move that will lead to serious regional tensions.
7 of April 2017 Al-Shaerat Airbase: only 3 killed from Syrian Army and Wounded, there are killed from Allies but not Russian. US missiles targeted the eastern part of Al-Shaerat airbase with the runway Other part is Safe where the huge Number of SAA and Allies
7 of April 2017 Source in Beirut: Hezbollah in state of Alert over possibility of US strikes in Syria , many believe they will be target, not just Assad
5 of April 2017 Residents of Christian-majority Mhardeh demand that government forces leave, describe Hezbollah as an occupation force.
5 of April 2017 An honouring ceremony for Hezbollah fighters who were killed in Syria is now being held in the cultural centre of Tartus
5 of April 2017 Hama Battle: Maardes still under Rebel control this morning and hit by many airstrikes while Hezbollah outlet denies takeover by Rebels
4 of April 2017 Drone footage showing SAA Tiger Forces and Hezbollah fleeing en masse with 20+ vehicles, incl. 1 tank, 2 BMPs and dozens more on foot from Maardes after 9 hours of clashes with Syrian rebels, northern Hama, Syria.
4 of April 2017 Ha'yat Tahrir al-Sham announces that Maardes is back under control after 9+ hours of fierce clashes against Hezbollah & Tiger Forces backed by the RuAF. Many spoils.
4 of April 2017 HTS say that fierce street battles are taking place in Maardes as the rebels try and take it back from Hezbollah and the Syrian Army Tiger Forces. They claim 2 government tanks have been destroyed and dozens of enemy forces have been killed thus far, northern Hama, Syria.
3 of April 2017 Hezbollah video from over-taken Maardes, Northern Hama
3 of April 2017 Map showing the Lebanon-based armed group Hezbollah leading (or being part of) offensives against anti-Assad government fighters. - @WSJ
2 of April 2017 Brief clashes erupt between Progressive Socialist Party and Hezbollah in Choueifat. Army interfered. Causes still unknown. Lebanon
1 of April 2017 Hezbollah carries out first anti-drug raid in southern Beirut
31 of March 2017 Zur Masaliq has been captured by SAA, Hezbollah, IRGC with Russian airsuppot in Northern Hama
30 of March 2017 SAA/Hezbollah video from Arzah, North Hama
27 of March 2017 Qatar-brokered deal between Hezbollah and Jaish al-Fateh reportedly to evacuate villages in four-town agreement
27 of March 2017 Hama Battle: pro-Hezbollah video showing involvement of SyAF L-39s and BM-21s used to bomb Maarzaf before taking it back from Rebels.
27 of March 2017 Hezbollah units recaptured Marzaf, Qubair and Kafr Amin villages after 32 FSA members died during carpet airstrike
26 of March 2017 A top leader and a founding figure in Hezbollah Bilal al-Zibawi has been killed by Syrian Rebels in the ongoing Hama Battle, Syria.
26 of March 2017 Large reinforcement from Hezbollah has arrived to Northern Hama
25 of March 2017 Pro-Hezbollah footage showing heavy street fighting inside Qomhana and HTS seized SW. suburb before pulling out.
25 of March 2017 Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Izza killed a group of pro-Government forces (claimed Hezbollah and Iranian-led militias) with a TOW on Maarzaf front.
25 of March 2017 Al-Bonyan al-Marsous Operation Room declares it repelled a Syrian government counter-attack backed by Hezbollah in al-Manshiya district in Daraa, Syria.
24 of March 2017 East Damascus: Visual confirmation Syrian government forces backed by Hezbollah and Nujaba took back the Spinning Factory following heavy shelling and airstrikes, Syria.
24 of March 2017 According to Hezbollah media SAA is in full control of Dayr Hafir in Eastern Aleppo. Updates: Tweet was deleted later as Dayr Hafir is still under ISIS control
23 of March 2017 Besieged town of Madaya ( and Boukein) under fire from Hezbollah artillery, mortars &snipers all day today
20 of March 2017 East Damascus: intense clashes raging in Qabun Industrial Zone as result of government-Hezbollah counter-attack. 10s airstrikes on Jobar-Qabun
19 of March 2017 Syria Some of the reports say Israel's targets were air defense units and Hezbollah in the Qalamoun Mountains, Damascus area
19 of March 2017 Syria Aleppo: Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba VID of its missions in Eastern Aleppo with Syrian Army
19 of March 2017 East Damascus: Syrian National Resistance Brigades (clone of Hezbollah in Syria) involved today in clashes vs Rebels in Jobar.
18 of March 2017 Rebels are shelling Fuah and Kefraya after Hezbollah/government targeted depots housing Red Crescent aid who reached Madaya 4 days ago.
17 of March 2017 Military sources denied claims which are about death of Hezbollah commander/s due the Israel and ISIS airstrike
17 of March 2017 SAA and Hezbollah are in control of Zubaydah and Khasfah villages South-West to Dayf Hafir, East of Aleppo after heavy clashes with ISIS
17 of March 2017 Israel struck Hezbollah's targets inside Syria, Assad government fired missiles at Israeli jets.
11 of March 2017 With Lebanon No Longer Hiding Hezbollah's Role, Next War Must Hit Civilians Where It Hurts, Israeli Minister Says
9 of March 2017 Russia did not give Israel green light to strike Hezbollah in Syria: Kremlin
8 of March 2017 Eastern Daraa: an IED planted by Hezbollah killed 6 FSA fighters on road near Naimah.
7 of March 2017 Iran-backed Hezbollah Brigade meets in Shingal with head of "Yazidi Hashd" YBS (which is a PKK-affilate)
7 of March 2017 IRCG Source: Iran Strengthening Hezbollah, Palestinian militants for Possible Conflict with Israel
5 of March 2017 North West Hama: FSA Jaish Al-Izzah targeting a gathering of Hezbollah in Tell Sikkin with Gvozdika.
1 of March 2017 Pro-Hezbollah footage showing government military build-up (8 M-30s, 3 BM-21s, choppers, etc.) mobilized for Palmyra Battle.
1 of March 2017 SAA and Hezbollah captured Amiriyah in Palmyra
27 of February 2017 Hezbollah recently increased use of IEDs to target vehicles in South Syria, here in Triangle of Death
27 of February 2017 NE Daraa: Shabab Al-Sunnah dismantled a Hezbollah IED camouflaged in Lajat landscape (basaltic area).
26 of February 2017 Clashes between FSA and SAA/Hezbollah in Fikah and Amiya villages
22 of February 2017 Report: Israel Air Force carried out strike against Hezbollah weapons convoy in al-Qutayfa, east of Damascus
21 of February 2017 Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah: Israel Should Count to a Million Before Thinking of New Lebanon War
21 of February 2017 Russia Deputy-FM assures Israel that Hezbollah and armed groups will leave Syria when war is over
20 of February 2017 Hezbollah artillery pounding Al Zabadani in Western Damascus
20 of February 2017 Hezbollah launches large-caliber rockets on recently captured quarters of the Daraa
19 of February 2017 An IS drone downed by Kata'ib Hezbollah near Tell Afar
16 of February 2017 Hezbollah chief threatens to hit strategic Israeli targets
16 of February 2017 Meeting between @POTUS and @netanyahu effectively signals "death of negotiating path" for Israel and Palestinians, declares Hezbollah.
12 of February 2017 Around 20 rebels were killed by the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Armored Division and Hezbollah in the al-Manishiyah District of Dara’a City today. Hezbollah Media Relations claimed this evening.
12 of February 2017 Hezbollah and government continue to target civilians in besieged Madaya & Bouqain in rural Damascus with heavy artillery & mortar shells
9 of February 2017 Hezbollah shelling Madaya, west of Damascus, today.
9 of February 2017 Bassem al-Musawi the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Basra/Iraq was assassinated during the night by unknown gunmen
8 of February 2017 There are negotiations between Syria Gov/Hezbollah + the Opp committee in West Qalamoun for the return of Syrians from Arsal to their towns
8 of February 2017 Pro-Hezbollah channel shows Assad air force attacks on al-Waer in Homs
5 of February 2017 Aleppo : Clashes broke out yesterday and are ongoing between Hezbollah VS. Afghani militia+other foreign militia in Leirmoun factory area
4 of February 2017 Syrian government forces have been repelled on the Hawsh Nasri front by the Syrian rebels as intense clashes and shelling hit several axes in Eastern Ghouta while pro-Syrian government forces alongside Iraqis & Hezbollah tried to advance, Damascus, Syria.
1 of February 2017 Media scandal: Footage taken from the mobile of a dead Syrian government soldier shows pro-Syrian government reporter Shadi Helwe directing a 'news report' somewhere in Aleppo countryside asking a Hezbollah fighter to speak in a Syrian dialect so as to come across as Syrian; rather than foreign.
30 of January 2017 Yemen: Hezbollah trained Houti militants hit KSA navy vessel Hodeidah coast (with Iran made anti ship missile)
29 of January 2017 Updated Hezbollah c_military map showing the situation in Wadi Barada and the mountains north of it, in total the Syrian Army have established control over 400 square km after the rebels in the pockets had surrounded and agreed to move to Idlib province, Syria.
25 of January 2017 Airdrops continue to government-held Fuaa and Kefraya – still zero airdrops to areas besieged by Hezbollah and Assad government
24 of January 2017 Lieberman says Israel tells Russia settlement in Syria must include removal of Iranian and Hezbollah presence
23 of January 2017 ISIS destroyed a T-90 near Khanaser. Flag could be Hezbollah
22 of January 2017 SAA/Hezbollah advances in Ayn al-Feejah and claims fire control over water spring, Wadi Barada
22 of January 2017 Hezbollah map with Soran village update
22 of January 2017 Hezbollah-affiliated media claims pro-government forces captured the city of Suran, south of al-Bab, from ISIS
21 of January 2017 SAA Hezbollah from recently captured areas east of Khanassir - Aleppo CS
20 of January 2017 Hezbollah and government ignore yet another ceasefire agreement & continue assault on Wadi Barada with shelling, rocket fire & barrel bombs
20 of January 2017 Escalation in Wadi Barada this morning after Hezbollah/government intensify shelling on Deir Meqren and Ain Al-Fija towns. Damascus, Syria
20 of January 2017 A Commander of Hezbollah killed in Rural Homs battles
19 of January 2017 Hezbollah-affiliated media channel says the SAA captured Areed al-Saman hill near Afrah, Damascus, Syria.
19 of January 2017 Madaya this morning. Heavy Assad/Hezbollah artillery attacks on the town's residential blocks
17 of January 2017 Footage of the Hezbollah/government tank destroyed by rebels on the outskirts of Ein al-Fijeh, Wadi Barada today
17 of January 2017 FSA Sham Liberation Army artillery pounding strongholds of Iranians and Hezbollah at al-Fu'ah & Kafriya Idlib in response to Wadi Barada
17 of January 2017 Assad & Hezbollah attack villages in Wadi Barada
15 of January 2017 Reports that SAA and Hezbollah have reached Jihar crossroad 40km west of Tadmor
15 of January 2017 SAA and Hezbollah continue offensive around Tayfor Airbase and clash with IS in the surrounding hills
15 of January 2017 Rebels regain positions lost to Hezbollah/government in counterattack last night in Bassimeh and Ein al-Khadra & heavy clashes in Ard al-Dahr
13 of January 2017 FSA factions retake all positions gained by Hezbollah and government forces in Baseema area and pushed them to their previous positions
13 of January 2017 Fierce clashes on multiple fronts in Wadi Barada as Hezbollah/government continue assault, reports rebels regained all positions lost in Bassimeh
10 of January 2017 Assad forces and Hezbollah militia launch the fiercest assault against Wadi Barada
10 of January 2017 Syria: Syrian rebels took out a Hezbollah tank in Kafr Zayt (Wadi Barada) with a ATGM
10 of January 2017 Hezbollah artillery and rocket shelling in WadiBarada this morning.
9 of January 2017 Footage: Syrian rebels in Wadi Barada use Hezbollah-affiliated media channel c_military footage to locate a tank used by pro-Syrian government forces to be later targeted by a rebel-guided missile, Damascus, Syria.
8 of January 2017 Fighting rages in Damascus' Wadi Barada. SAA sends two elite units to assist Hezbollah after failed ceasefire attempt
8 of January 2017 Multiple Assad airstrikes target Wadi Barada as Hezbollah and government renew ground assault & try to advance from multiple directions
8 of January 2017 Hezbollah-affiliated media says military operations have resumed in Wadi Barada, blaming failed negotiations on "militants"
7 of January 2017 Israeli army Chief of Staff Eizenkot: Hezbollah is deployed in the northern part of Israel's border with Syria
6 of January 2017 Rebels regain control of strategic hill overlooking Kafarzeit in Wadi Barada, 20+ Hezbollah/government killed + dozer creating trenches destroyed
4 of January 2017 Syria - Hezbollah is preventing Russian military officers and UN inspectors from entering Wadi Barada.
4 of January 2017 Syrian Army and Hezbollah continue operations in Wadi Barada on Husseiniyah - Ayn al-Feejah - Basimah axis amid intense bombardment, Damascus
3 of January 2017 Khamenei’s adviser Ali Akbar Velayati: Hezbollah to remain in Syria even after ceasefire
3 of January 2017 SAA and Hezbollah are storming Basimah
3 of January 2017 Qalamoun Shield's reinforcements arrived in Wadi Barada to bolster ongoing government-Hezbollah campaign.
3 of January 2017 Wadi Barada statement: we will let teams to fix water spring if SAA-Hezbollah stop attack, siege lift and monitor ceasefire by international observers
3 of January 2017 Portraits of Putin, Assad, Khamenei and Hezbolla chief Nasrallah in Aleppo
2 of January 2017 On 4th day of Hezbollah offensive in Damascus' Wadi Barada, the group suffers several casualties in first major setback of the operation
1 of January 2017 Still violations to the truce are ongoing. Syrian government forces and Hezbollah are storming the besieged Wadi Barada & are bombing Wadi Barada from ground and sky. Reports Ain al-Fijah spring has been captured by pro-Syrian government forces as the Syrian government looks to remove this rebel pocket, Damascus, Syria.
1 of January 2017 Heavy clashes on multiple fronts in Wadi Barada bet. rebels and Hezbollah & reports of large no. of Hezbollah fighters amassing in Dimas area
30 of December 2016 First footage from Russia special forces Spetnaz operating against fighters in Aleppo Syria. Note Hezbollah patch
30 of December 2016 Russian Special Operational Forces with Iranian-backed Hezbollah insignia on their uniform, Aleppo, Syria.
30 of December 2016 Footage shows Russian Special Operational Forces somewhere in Aleppo Syria wearing a designated (by the United States, United Kingdom, Arab league and by the European Union) Lebanese terrorist organisation's Hezbollah insignia on their uniform.
30 of December 2016 Rebels Repelled Attacks On Bassema-Husainiyah And Destroyed A Tank. Reports Hezbollah Preparing Large Assault On WadiBarada.
30 of December 2016 Video of Hezbollah firing with a tank on ISIS positions in Palmyra Syria
30 of December 2016 Government and Hezbollah forces resume their offensive on Wadi Barada towns, coinciding with barrel bombing and shelling
30 of December 2016 Hezbollah try to storm villages in Barada valley west of Damascus. Helicopters dropped barrel bombs
29 of December 2016 Hezbollah says fighters from the party will remain in Syria indefinitely, despite Turkey's demands that the group withdraw
28 of December 2016 New footage of when Hezbollah ambushed evacuees from east Aleppo at Ramouseh crossing 2 weeks ago
25 of December 2016 Reports many Hezbollah/government forces pushing on the Basimeh front in Wadi Baradeh were killed and 2 tanks destroyed by rebels today
24 of December 2016 NW Damascus: fierce clashes in area East of Souq Wadi Barada as pro-Government forces led by Hezbollah are trying to reduce this Rebel pocket.
23 of December 2016 A photographer and member of Hezbollah's media team was killed today in clashes near Jofra in the government-held Deir Ezzor pocket.
21 of December 2016 U.S. weapons are being used by Hezbollah in Syria, senior Israeli army officer says
18 of December 2016 Photo: Hezbollah on the front-lines against Daesh in Eastern Homs Countryside today
17 of December 2016 Picture shows Hezbollah fighters in Al-Ramousah border position near east Aleppo blocking the road of the evacuation process
17 of December 2016 Hezbollah-affiliated media says a deal was reached again to evacuate east Aleppo and injured from Fu'ah and Kefraya
16 of December 2016 Photo claims to show Hezbollah over evacuees in Ramouseh early today, Aleppo, Syria.
16 of December 2016 Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah have regained control of al-Qaryatayn crossroad south of Tayfor Airbase in eastern Homs countryside
14 of December 2016 Iran reject Russia deal and demand that all injured IRG members & civilians leave Fuah town. Hezbollah wants the same Aleppo
13 of December 2016 Protesters in Taksim Square chanting "killer Iran, killer hezbollah"
12 of December 2016 Meanwhile Hezbollah-affiliated media releases a new map of Aleppo, after recent offensive
8 of December 2016 Aleppo: despite ferocious shelling by pro-Government forces led by Hezbollah unable to advance since days in Saad Ansari.
7 of December 2016 Hezbollah's military media @C_Military1 shows latest map of Aleppo. Rebel-held areas are in blue. SAA has taken 78% of city's neighborhoods.
7 of December 2016 Israel tries to prevent the transfer of weapons of mass destruction from Syria to Hezbollah, Minister of Defense Lieberman tells EU ambassadors
7 of December 2016 Pro-Hezbollah media reporting that Israel did in fact hit Mezzeh military airport overnight
6 of December 2016 Israeli military does another calculated release of Intel on Hezbollah, amidst renewed allegations of strikes on Syrian weapons convoys.
6 of December 2016 "Anger for Aleppo": Sham Front shelling Hezbollah fortifications in outskirts of Zahraa with a 106 mm gun mounted on Iranian Safir Jeep.
5 of December 2016 8 Barrel Bombs and heavy bombardment on Madaya by Assad and Hezbollah militias leaving 4 dead including a child
2 of December 2016 SAA and Hezbollah targeting rebels positions in Al Zahraa neighborhood. Syria
30 of November 2016 Hezbollah reportedly advancing in Sheikh Saeed district of Aleppo
30 of November 2016 Israel has struck Syrian government position and a Hezbollah convoy near western Damascus
30 of November 2016 Unconfirmed reports that the Israeli Air Force has targeted a Hezbollah weapons convoy on the Beirut-Damascus Highway in Syria.
30 of November 2016 Syrian media is reporting that Israeli warplanes have targeted Hezbollah positions near Damascus a short time ago. Explosions have been reportedly heard and damage has also been reported after the suspected Israeli airstrike(s).
28 of November 2016 Syria: Russian soldiers with Hezbollah fighter: "Yes Hezbollah!"
28 of November 2016 Major build-up of Hezbollah and Harakat Al-Nujaba forces in southern Aleppo
28 of November 2016 East Aleppo internet relay masts in SAA Hezbollah IRGC and YPG hands. Internet could be cut off, activists re-activating TooWays
27 of November 2016 Hezbollah-affiliated outlet now says al-Sakhur is fully under the control of pro-government forces
24 of November 2016 Hezbollah media says senior Russian commanders met for the first time with Hezbollah field commanders in Aleppo following Russian request
23 of November 2016 Kata'ib Hezbollah troops, seemingly with an M1 Abrams, advance vs. ISIS near Tal Afar
22 of November 2016 Israel: Iran is smuggling weapons to Hezbollah on commercial flights
22 of November 2016 More pictures from Hezbollah Armoured division Military parade in Qusayr
20 of November 2016 Media: Hezbollah sends 5000 fighters to Syria in preparations of Idlib battle
19 of November 2016 South West Aleppo: 10 pro-Government forces killed, including Hezbollah, during failed assault on Suq Al-Gibs.
18 of November 2016 Iraq PMU moving toward Tal Afar west Mosul and working on surrounding it. Hezbollah leading assault
18 of November 2016 Kata'ib Hezbollah said it fired at a Turkish jet that was circling over the PMU in Tal Afar west Mosul Iraq.
17 of November 2016 Lebanon - Hezbollah destroys a vehicle in Arsal outskirts
16 of November 2016 Syrian Army, Hezbollah attempt to advance in southwest Aleppo before massive offensive
13 of November 2016 Hezbollah's Kornet ATGMs.
13 of November 2016 Some T-72s at Hezbollah parade in Al Qusayr
13 of November 2016 Hezbollah shows off their armour and technicals in a military parade near Qusayr, Syria.
13 of November 2016 Hezbollah's armoureds and personals are mobilizing in Qusayr / Damascus. Diffent tanks BMPs, GM-575s , ZSU-57-2s
11 of November 2016 Al Assad district: Clashes continue amidst intense RuAF strikes with cluster and "parachute bombs" (also nearby areas). Whole Hezbollah squad reportedly killed
9 of November 2016 Hezbollah: we won't allow to disintegrate Syria
8 of November 2016 Reports that 1070 Housing Project and Tal Mutah captured by Tiger Forces and Hezbollah in southern Aleppo
7 of November 2016 FSA in Daraa launch homemade scud missile destroying Iranian-Hezbollah operations -English
4 of November 2016 Lebanon, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, speaking now, says he has a cold because of the changing weather
4 of November 2016 South-West Aleppo: rebels struck with a TOW a building on Tell Uhud full of pro-Government forces (said Hezbollah).
3 of November 2016 .@alalam_news camerman injured covering SAA/ Hezbollah/Iraq militia combat in New Aleppo vs JFS FSA
2 of November 2016 Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba claims it took several villages south of Mosul (Tal Afar op) including Farsiyah
1 of November 2016 Footage: Two captive Syrian government fighters. One of them a lieutenant captured by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham in al-Assad suburb in Aleppo says that they were left behind by Hezbollah.
31 of October 2016 UAE court hands down verdicts to individuals convicted of forming Hezbollah cell
31 of October 2016 MP General MichelAoun (likely to be elected President today) is a strong Hezbollah, Assad and Iran ally. #Lebanon
29 of October 2016 Iranian general Mohammad Rafi and Hezbollah militias were killed in clashes with the Syrian opposition west of Aleppo.
26 of October 2016 Lebanese Hezbollah and Shiite Afghan Fatemiyoun soldier taking a break near the 1070 Apartments Project, Aleppo, Syria.
25 of October 2016 A TOW strike by Tajamu Fastaqem wiped out a Kornet base and several (alleged) Hezbollah fighters on Tell Ahad.
25 of October 2016 After capturing Bazo hill, SAA and Hezbollah have captured Uhud hill & are clashing with Jaish Fateh in outskirts of Mu'tah hill, Aleppo
24 of October 2016 Hezbollah in their checkpoints near Madaya is shooting flares up in the sky to try and expose civilians in Madaya which try to escape the besiegement during the night.
23 of October 2016 More Syrian Army/Hezbollah combat footage of the same situation in Southern Aleppo, Syria.
23 of October 2016 Footage: Hezbollah/Syrian Army forces in close combat with Syrian rebels in southern Aleppo.
16 of October 2016 Prominent Hezbollah Commander "Hajj Alaa" who had fought at Qalamoun, Zabadani, and Aleppo, has been killed reportedly by a rebel IED on the 1070 front amid reports that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have advanced and have taken control of more than half of the complex, Aleppo.
15 of October 2016 Special operation kills Iranian, Hezbollah fighters in Aleppo Syria
11 of October 2016 Hezbollah-affiliated media releases some footage of the fighting south of Aleppo Syria
9 of October 2016 Israelis:Russia deployed the S-300 in Syria mainly to give Hezbollah cover to smuggle weapons into Lebanon
8 of October 2016 Footage: Levant Front releases a video with captured Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba fighters, Aleppo.
7 of October 2016 Syria Rebels captured Shiite Iraq'i Hezbollah al-Nujabanfighters in Sheikh Sa'eed district in south Aleppo
6 of October 2016 Syrians living in besieged East Aleppo ask why Hezbollah was not asked by De Mistura to leave Aleppo City in his speech today.
6 of October 2016 The 6 men Hezbollah cell had ready made explosive devices, planned a terror attack in Haifa, then at a transportation hub in northern Israel


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