Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

24 February 2018
Reports of Iranian militias shelled Turkish checkpoint near Al Eis
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Suspected ISIS attack kills 1 Iraqi PMU (Hashd) and injures 3 on Hawija-Kirkuk highway.
Saudi FM: We reject the control of Houthis - that collaborate with Iran and Hezbollah – on Yemen
Lebanese PM sends letters to Iraqi PM and Iraqi religious leader Sistani requesting they stop visits of Iraqi PMU (Hashd) leaders to Lebanon.
US asks Iraqi PM to retrieve 9 US supplied M1A1 Abrams tanks that are in possession of PMU (Hashd).
Commander General Joseph Aoun stressed to Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield and Ambassador Elizabeth Richard that "the Lebanese Army is committed to ensure Lebanon has full sovereignty over its territory, its maritime territory and the bound economy in it."
A group of pro-Assad militias have arrived to the Jinderes front
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UN chief warns of danger of Israel-Hezbollah confrontation
Sources in Afrin refuses that pro-government forces left the city. Footage is tonight from Afrin city center
4 дан Пре
Al Mayadin reporter from the ground: Air defenses in Afrin target Turkish reconnaissance aircraft
Turkish drone started bombarding nearby the crossing. Afrin4 дан Пре
Turkish drone started bombarding nearby the crossing. Afrin
Turkish shelling in background at Al-Mayadin live from Afrin
Hezbollah-linked outlet confirms in livestream arrival of first Iranian-backed forces (led by Al-Baqir Brigade) in Afrin
YPG Spokesman: "There is no agreement with the government. Only the volunteers who wanted to join the Afrin resistance from Aleppo went to Afrin".
Pro-Syrian government forces will be deployed to the Afrin border - YPG spokesperson.
Pro-Assad Popular (Mobilization) Forces preparing to enter Afrin from Nubul-Zahraa area to support YPG against Olive Branch forces.
IRGC Deputy commander Hossein Salami: Whether Israeli claim that the drone was Iranian is true or not, this was not the first or last drone of the resistance front.
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U.N. chief warns of nightmare scenario if Israel, Hezbollah clash
Lebanon cannot ask for donor funding without passing 2018 budget -minister
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The French Foreign Ministry expressed concern about Iran's missile program and Iran's activities in the region
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Finnish Commander of UNIFIL in Lebanon acknowledged that his 10,500 forces, including 585 Lebanese have been infiltrated by Hezbollah. Also said that Indonesia-n contingent provide info to various Lebanese actors on Israel movements
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Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi: Militants disguised in army uniforms ambush paramilitary troops north of Baghdad, killing 27.
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Yemeni Ministry of Defense: Army and Houthis are still besieging UAE forces and Hadi forces trying to lift the siege
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Huthis 12 UAE soldiers were killed, including officers, 4 armored vehicles and 4 vehicles of Hadi forces south east of Taiz
Hezbollah-linked media threatens to attack Israeli gas fields6 дан Пре
Hezbollah-linked media threatens to attack Israeli gas fields
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Netanyahu on Iran's foreign minister: "I give Mr. Zarif credit. He lies with eloquence." #msc2018
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Mcmaster says Iran network of proxies is becoming more powerful, 'time is to act' against it #MunichSecurityConference
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Naharnet reports that @StateDept official David Satterfield, with US Amb to Lebanon, held separate meetings Friday with Lebanon's FM Jebran Bassal, Speaker Nabih Berri, PM Saad Hariri; Satterfield heads to Israel to discuss maritime gas fields +Israeli Wall.
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U.S. charges three with exporting drone parts to Lebanon's Hezbollah
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Nasrallah: To our killed leaders and the the rest of the dead, we will continue following on your path and will and lead us to victory