Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

27 July 2017
General Security head negotiates Hezbollah-Nusra ceasefire
Hezbollah-HTS ceasefire near Arsal takes effect at 6am, fighters to leave for Idlib. Deal brokered by GenSec head Abbas Ibrahim
Ajnad al-Sham on Kefraya and al-Fu'ah front in the countryside of Idlib also sharing a video including a field tour of the frontline.
Ajnad al-Sham on Kefraya and al-Fu'ah front in the countryside of Idlib also sharing a video including a field tour of the frontline.
Nasrallah: We are committed to securing the release of (FSA) Saraya Al Sham fighters at any hour. "Jahbat al-Nusra terrorists" missed out on the opportunity to accept this. The insistence of JAN not responding to the calls (of surrender) was wrong.
Lebanon: Footage showing HTS downing an armed drone used by Hezbollah in Arsal Mounts. Filming its own fall.
Nasrallah speech today covering Arsal and more. Nasrallah says the objective of Hezbollah's Op in Arsal area is to take out "Jabhat al-Nusra" from the area. Says Iran nor the SAA decided to launch the Op but Hezbollah themselves. Says Op could have been launched pre-Ramadan but chose to do it after; was delayed since 2015. Says battlefield is tough but victory is apparent after the fast gains.
Syrian air force strikes more militant targets in outskirts of Arsal: NNA
Lebanon: Video allegedly showing Hezbollah vehicles burning after being destroyed by HTS in Arsal Mounts.
Lebanese army to launch battle of Al-Qaa against ISIS
Lebanon: HTS claims several casualties after ATGM strike on Hezbollah position.
FSA Usud al Sharqia are clashing with pro-Assad militias in Mahroutha with heavy weapons with no progress for both parties
Al Arabiya sources: Two Syrian refugees were killed and 8 injured as Hezbollah rockets were fired at Wadi Humaid refugee camp
Al Arabiya correspondent: Large reinforcements of the Lebanese army towards ISIS positions
Lebanon: on 6th day of Hezbollah-led offensive HTS claims it destroyed one tank and 2 vehicles on Hamid Valley front, East of Arsal.
HTS release infographic sharing what they claim is the outcome of attacks on its positions in western Qalamoon during the past 5 days: 10,000 missiles hit rebel areas every day, two civilians were killed and some injured after 5 cars were targeted by enemy missiles. Eight of its fighters were killed. Claims to have killed 200+ enemy forces and injured 250+, capturing one prisoner of war.
Lebanese Border Arsal - HTS and Hezbollah Negotiations ongoing. Post by one Arsal Refugee Activist.
Hezbollah take over several more areas this eve as evening fighting continues near Arsal
Hezbollah forces destroyed three HTS vehicles, rocket launchers near Arsal killed numerous militants: WMC
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah to speak Wednesday evening 8.30 p.m. Beirut time and expected to talk about the ongoing Arsal offensive
Trump to Hariri: Lebanon is on the front lines against terrorism of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah
.@POTUS: Had @BarackObama done what he should have done, Iran and Russia would not have been in Syria
President Trump says will make a statement tomorrow on Hezbollah; says still has mtgs. with "some of my very expert" military advisers.
@POTUS: "I'll be making my position very clear over the next 24 hours" on Hezbollah
Hezbollah threatens "to start yet another conflict with Israel," says @POTUS alongside @saadhariri of Lebanon.
Hezbollah seized weapons in West Qalamun
Hezbollah in Baalbak returning from Arsal front
Ongoing unprecedented artillery shelling by Hezbollah (and seemingly also Lebanese Army) on HTS-controlled Hamid Valley.
Lebanon: fiercest battle raging East of town of Arsal btw HTS and Hezbollah after latter's advances. Armed drone reportedly downed by HTS.
HTS release video of 3 Hezbollah captives captured during battle for al-Eis in south Aleppo to pressure Hezbollah to stop offensive in Arsal
Hezbollah offensive near Arsal: heavy night of shelling, airstrikes then morning push