Al-Jubeir: Iran uses Hezbollah to extend its influence in the region and shake its stability

Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

21 September 2018
Al-Jubayr: Allies are being consulted on Hezbollah and there will be a decision at the right time
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad: "Anyone who has a minimum understanding of military facts knows that the front with the Israeli enemy in Syria and Lebanon has become one."
Israeli army chief, first interview ever to Saudi owned Elaph: we have no intention to attack Hezballah or Lebanon
French Foreign Minister Meets Hariri in Riyadh
Iraqi parliament votes on the salaries of Hashd al-Shaabi group.
Al-Jubeir: Lebanese authorities must disarm Hezbollah
Al-Jubeir: Hizbullah's actions presents Lebanon with great dangers
Al-Jubeir: There is a global consensus that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization
Al-Jubeir: Iran uses Hezbollah to extend its influence in the region and shake its stability
Al-Jubeir: Crisis in Lebanon is cause of Hezbollah party, which hijacked the Lebanese power and imposed its authority on the country
Al-Jubeir: Hezbollah is blocking the political process in Lebanon
Hezbollah and allies on the outskirts of Al Bukamal, preparing for the next battle
A group of Hezbollah were killed during fierce battles against IS at al-Bukamal.
Clashes at northern and western outskirts of Abu Kamal
10 month ago
Saudi ambassador to UN: Hezbollah is active in Yemen and involved in launching missiles from Yemeni territories, mainly the one launched toward Saudi Arabia
10 month ago
Lavrov: Russia has not pledged to ensure the withdrawal of forces loyal to Iran from Syria
Syrian Army and allies clear remaining IS pocket at Iraqi border between al-Qaim crossing to the south until al-Waleed/al-Tanf crossing.
Israel PM Netanyahu says has told US and Russia that Israel will continue to act according to 'security needs' in Syria, after the ceasefire in the Golan Heights area
Top Lebanese Christian politician says it is still possible to salvage a political solution in Lebanon if the gov fully commits to its disassociation policy, especially re: Hezbollah withdrawal from Syria and all crises in region
Iran's Tasnim news agency quoting a Foreign ministry spokesperson as saying Iran will keep interfering with internal politics in Lebanon.
French FM calls for non-interference in Lebanon crisis
"Israel is disappointed" with US, Russia + Jordan deal
Lebanon's Hariri: we want a real settlement with Hezbollah re regional matters.
Lebanon PM says withdrawing resignation conditional on Hezbollah committing to remaining neutral.
Hariri: "I will return to Lebanon and I know my resignation is NOT normal it is a Positive Shock but will take security precautions to return and do it (resignation) constitutionally"
[email protected]: My duty as Saad al-Hariri is to say the truth, and there is no benefit for us as Lebanese to have additional Arab sanctions placed upon us.
Lebanese president insists any statements broadcast by Hariri tonight will be held in doubt, due to his de facto grounding by Saudi Arabia.
Lebanon Presidency alerted international dignitaries that given vagueness around Hariri situation in Riyadh, anything he says/does won’t be taken officially
Idlib: Footage shows exact moment when a ammo basket got struck and exploded in the air after SAA airdropped several baskets over the besieged towns of Fu'ah and Kafriya.
Idlib: SAA dropped baskets with ammo and weapons over Fuah and Kafriya, Rebels targeted it and one basket was destroyed.
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