8 December 2023
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Qaani arrives in Baghdad and meets with the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces
1 year ago
An IRGC military convoy has entered IRGC influenced government areas from Al-Bukamal railway crossing, with the convoy heading towards Imam Ali base and Al-Mayadin and Deir Ez Zor Airbase
1 year ago
Iran - "the central threat around which Central Command is organized" per @CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie Says US-Iran still in a state of "contested deterrence" with Tehran trying to work/inflict suffering below the threshold of what it thinks will provoke US action
Republican leader in the US Senate: Iran's policy aims to get Washington out of the region
1 year ago
New group calling itself Ahrar Sinjar is claiming an attack on a Turkish military base in Ninewa, Iraq. The group claims it fired 18 rockets at the military base in retaliation for Turkish airstrikes in Iraq
Israel Defense Minister says Lebanon army was offered with help amid the economic crisis, which makes Hezbollah stronger. Gantz says 5,000 soldiers left Lebanon army over the crisis
An Iraqi facade group assessed by the Militia Spotlight to be affiliated with Kataib Hezbollah claimed to have launched a drone attack on Abu Dhabi this morning. In a statement Alwiyat al-Waad al-Haq claims that 4 drones hit critical infrastructure in the Emirate
The Observatory: The Israeli bombing near Damascus targeted Hezbollah warehouses in the Al-Qutayfah area
1 year ago
SANA Military source: At approximately 3:05 am today, Israel carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of Rayak, east of Beirut, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus. Our air defense media confronted the missiles and shot down some of them, other led to some material losses.
Iraqi security media: The attack on Baghdad airport caused damage to two planes that were on the runway
1 year ago
The Iraqi PMF thwarted an attempt by ISIS militants to penetrate into Iraq's Shingal area adjacent to Syria's border
1 year ago
At least 4 Katyushas were fired in Karma, one landed near Muhammed Halbousi's residence, 1 behind Karma Mosque, 1 in a local market, and 1 in Albu Khalifa area. The launches originated from Ibrahim bin Ali area
1 year ago
The armed factions began their activity in the opposition by bombing the host of the Speaker of Parliament and its surrounding areas, including a mosque in Karmah, Anbar Governorate, western Iraq.
Effects of targeting Garma in Anbar province1 year ago
Effects of targeting Garma in Anbar province
Michel Aoun: There is a firm desire to preserve the best relations between Lebanon and the Arab countries
US sanctions Lebanon-based Hezbollah financial facilitator, his company, business connections Adnan Ayad, his partners "have helped Hezbollah obtain funds thru networks of companies that operate under the guise of legitimate business enterprises" per @USTreasury
Iraqi army officers arrested on charges of selling weapons to armed groups
An explosive device exploded near a bank in the central province of Basra, southern Iraq
1 year ago
Initial reports: One rocket/ mortar shell fired from southern Lebanon towards northern Israel
1 year ago
A Lebanese radio station claims a rocket was launched from south of Tyre toward Israel. A spokesperson for the military says it is looking into the reports
.@StateDept on designations of Hezbollah linked financiers. Lebanon-based travel company
Today, @USTreasury designated three Hezbollah-linked financial facilitators and their Lebanon-based travel company
UNAMI: We strongly condemn the bombings that took place in recent days in Baghdad
A grenade attack targeted a branch of Cihan Bank (related to Kurdish businesses) in Baghdad
1 year ago
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Saraya Awliya al-Dam has claimed responsibility for a new alleged IED attack targeting a convoy supplying the US military as it passed through the Jirishan area of Iraq's Basrah Province "as part of the 'Revenge for the Al-Qaim Martyrs Operations.'"
Lebanon: 3 month Govt deadlock ends - Shia political parties Amal and Hizbullah say they will agree to attend cabinet session to approve the 2022 state budget / they were demanding Judge Bitar who heads port blast probe is removed; that didn't happen but Bitar's hands are tied
1 year ago
Turkey Rocket attack on Turkish military base in northern Iraq. The Turkish military base in the Zelkan area in the northern province of Nineveh was targeted by three 122-mm rockets
The Israeli army Arabic-language spokesperson releases footage of alleged Hezbollah operatives failing to launch a drone over Israel's border with Lebanon1 year ago
The Israeli army Arabic-language spokesperson releases footage of alleged Hezbollah operatives failing to launch a drone over Israel's border with Lebanon
Explosion reported near Albukamal
1 year ago
Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan Region came under attack near Bashiqq, northeast of Mosul, on Thursday night. A local commander confirmed to BasNews that the Kurdish forces managed to ward off the attack