24 July 2021
IDF: Last night, Israeli army troops identified, monitored, & downed a drone which infiltrated into northern Israel along the Blue Line. We are searching the area. The Israeli army continues to maintain a high level of readiness to defend Israel's northern border from any threat
The drone at the northern border with Lebanon
Flights of aircrafts at Israeli-Lebanon border11 month ago
Flights of aircrafts at Israeli-Lebanon border
Syrian media report explosions heard in Quneitra, unclear cause currently
Trump's Iran envoy Brian Hook is stepping down and will be replaced by noted Iran hawk Elliott Abrams, who is currently Trump's Venezuela envoy, the New York Times reports
After a situational assessment Israeli army Chief of Staff Kochavi has ordered the Israeli army's Northern Command to remain on high alert
11 month ago
Chief editor of the Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper: "Those who think that the explosion in Beirut will prevent Hezbollah's retaliation is wrong and will realize that the response inevitable."
White House Chief of Staff: Trump's statements about the Beirut explosion are consistent with intelligence reports that Trump obtained after the explosion
11 month ago
Fox News: The Qatari ambassador to Belgium, a member of the ruling family, ordered the delivery of weapons to Hezbollah
Israeli army are monitoring the situation in Lebanon, and remain on high alert along the border
11 month ago
An IED has reportedly struck a convoy of Iraqi drivers from a contractor company heading to an Iraqi and US-led coalition base. Took place on road between Nasiriyah and Diwaniyah, no injuries reported
Video reportedly from Beirut port, fire, large smoke and possibly sounds of secondary explosions
Explosion reported in Beirut11 month ago
Explosion reported in Beirut
The Israeli army continue to move additional hardware to the northern border as tensions remain high with Hezbollah. Aerial activity is constant over the region with little or no breaks for the last 200 hours11 month ago
The Israeli army continue to move additional hardware to the northern border as tensions remain high with Hezbollah. Aerial activity is constant over the region with little or no breaks for the last 200 hours
PM Netanyahu regarding the IED attack on the Syrian border: "We struck the cell, and we struck those who sent them - we will do whatever it takes to protect ourselves"
[email protected] claims Israeli helicopter attacked targets in town of Al-Qahtaniya in Quneitra countryside
Residents in northern Israel report explosions heard, likely caused from IAF jets breaking the sound barrier
Iraq Security forces finds rocket launch pad was ready to use in Targeting US army in Taji military base near Baghdad
PM Netanyahu: "Last night, the Israeli army thwarted an attempted sabotage on the Syrian front. We also acted yesterday against the Gaza Strip. The issue with Lebanon is still in the air. We will harm anyone who tries to harm us and anyone who harms us - this principle applies."
Defense Minister Gantz: "We thwarted an attempted attack by terrorists in the Golan Heights yesterday"
DM Gantz: "Only an enemy who has no logic in their head would dare check Israel's readiness to respond. Let there be no misunderstandings, Israeli army forces have all the means necessary to protect Israeli citizens, and strike those who try to violate the sovereignty of Israel."
3x US Navy P8 Poseidon 169002/169328/AE682E currently patrolling South of Cyprus
2x US Navy P8 Poseidon 169002/169328 heading towards Eastern Mediterranean US Navy EP-3E ARIES II 160764 patrolling off the coast of Syria
Israeli army Arabic spokesperson says they have not established the identity of the four men killed Sunday night by an airstrike as they attempted to place an explosive at the Syria-Golan border. However, they have no ruled out that the men belonged to Hezbollah
11 month ago
Israeli army troops on the southern Golan Heights just thwarted an IED attack by four former militants. No Israeli army casualties
Israel army denies report that message sent to Hezbollah that IDF has no intention to make a preemptive strike against Hezbollah or Lebanon
Israeli army is investigating the incident near Shtula on Tuesday as a possible "draw forces to the area" attack. During the event 3 Hezbollah operatives came from Ayta ash Shab and touched the fence to draw soldiers to the area and then carry out a sniper attack.
Lebanese President Michel Aoun: "Lebanon is prepared to defend itself against Israel's attacks, which are in violation of the 2006 UNSC resolution"
11 month ago
Reports in Lebanon :Israeli army launched a reconnaissance balloon over southern Lebanon
Security official to Kan11: "We have no intention of embarking on an unnecessary adventure in Lebanon. Nasrallah has received a ladder to come down from once - after this there will be no more ladders."
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