23 September 2021
The head of the government's military security branch in Deir Ezzor, "Ahmed Khalil," was killed in the Israeli air force bombing of the branch's headquarters in the city
Iraq: PMU (Kataib Hezbollah) video which is presented as a bombardment several hours ago of what is indicated as positions of ISIS militants in the district of Al-Zorah, in the governorate by Samarra
An assassination attempt on a collaborator with the "Hezbollah" militia in Daraa
IRGC Quds-Forces deny any reports of casualties during the reported airstrikes. No comments on injuries
Yemeni Interior Minister: The missile launch system stands behind Iranian and Lebanese experts
Twitter Account for militant group Hezbollah's security official is offering "consultations and training" for future militants in United States. They also ran it on Telegram
Deir Al-Zor: Pictures showing the removal of rubble and dead bodies from the Military Security building in the center of Deir Ezzor city, which is under the control of the Assad government, after several Israeli raids that targeted the sites of the government and its militia at dawn today
Warplanes targeted Iranian headquarters in the outskirts of Al-Mayadeen city a few minutes after Aiyash warehouses, which contains Iranian militias in western Deir Ezzor were targeted
Deir Ezzor, Sada Al Sharqiya correspondent from the city of Deir Ezzor, the sounds of successive explosions after bombing by unidentified aircraft are being heard all over the city. According to the reporter, sounds are heard near Deir Ezzor airport, accompanied by the sounds of ambulances
Deir Al-Zor:The "Al Quds Brigade" militia arrests rioters and hands them over to the government forces
In Iraq, US ambassador tells Iraqi National Security Adviser Qasim Ariji he opposes US sanctions on PMF (Hashd) Council Chairman Falih Fayyadh
8 month ago
Hezbollah condemns US @StateDept designation of Houthis/Ansarullah as FTO, calling it a "murderous American step aimed at demoralizing the Yemeni people
IAF activities over southern Lebanon
An explosion was heard that shook the city of Al-Bukamal near the Syrian-Iraqi border, coinciding with the flight of unknown drones overhead.
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry: The US Treasury imposed sanctions on the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad, came as an unacceptable surprise
The U.S. has sanctioned Popular Mobilization Committee (PMC) Chairman and former National Security Advisor Falih al-Fayyadh for his connection to serious human rights abuse
The Popular Mobilization Forces militia threatens to continue working to get US forces out of Iraq
Once again the Israeli army deployed leaflets in southern Syria warning SAA soldiers from cooperating with Hezbollah in the area. Logo on the leaflet is of the 210th Division
IAF activity reported over the Beqaa valley in Lebanon  (Photos: @MarioLeb79)8 month ago
IAF activity reported over the Beqaa valley in Lebanon (Photos: @MarioLeb79)
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia arrests a number of its members in Albukamal
Local government official in Rutba district in West Anbar Province denies that PMF (Hashd) barracks was attacked by ISIS
In Iraq, leader of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq militia: weapons must be restricted to state control. Foreign forces must leave
Iraqi Minister of Defense: We are working to secure diplomatic missions and pursue rocket launchers
Pompeo: Our pressure on Iran has reduced its ability to support Hezbollah and the militias in Iraq, and their activity in Syria has become more expensive.
Israeli drone flying over southern Lebanon8 month ago
Israeli drone flying over southern Lebanon
8 month ago
Explosions reportedly took place at a warehouse allegedly storing gas, located near a Lebanese Army border checkpoint near al-Qasr near the Syrian border
8 month ago
Hassan Nasrallah: The commander of the Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard did not say that the resistance is Tehran's front line of defense
Israel is preventing movement near the border fence with Lebanon
Israel declares the settlement of Al-Mutla, near the Lebanese border, a military zone
Pro Iran PMU supporters set fire to Saudi flag in Baghdad's Tahrir square
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