24 July 2021
Spokesperson and deputy head of Iranian-backed Harakat al-Nujaba'a says that the "temporary" Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has no power to prevent targeting the US troops.
Spokesman for Iraqi Shiite militia Asaib Ahl al-Haq: "We prefer death than being forced to live with the presence of American forces. The attacks on the U.S. embassy are not at all by the main factions, and there may be an intelligence agency targeting the American embassy."
Beirut: The Lebanese Army is reopening the airport road in both directions after it was cut by protesters for some time to protest against the harsh rationing of electricity1 year ago
Beirut: The Lebanese Army is reopening the airport road in both directions after it was cut by protesters for some time to protest against the harsh rationing of electricity
None of these "US convoys" that pro Iran/IRGC militia groups claim responsibility for "attacking and destroying" them recently in Iraq are military units. They are logistical convoys managing by Iraqi contractors and their drivers are also Iraqis
The US Secretary of State: The demands of the Lebanese people are simple and they are combating corruption and eliminating Hezbollah's terrorist control over the country
Lebanese Hezbollah bloc formally protests with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs what it considered the excesses of the American ambassador
Lebanese Army: A soldier was killed in armed attacks on several military and patrol sites in the Baalbek region in the Bekaa Valley, eastern Lebanon
Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades: There is no going back on the decision to remove the American forces from the country and they are ready for a massive military action against them
Hezbollah militia in Iraq threatens US forces with "massive military action"
1 year ago
IAF Israeli Air Force jets over South Lebanon and Beirut
Tasnim News agency stressed on Saturday an alliance between Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel over recent annexation plans
1 year ago
Iranian militias have established several prisons of their own in the city of Albukamal, the most important of these prisons is a building located behind the Fatima Zahra Hospital (previously Aisha) in the city of Albukamal and can accommodate approximately 300 people
Hezbollah's Military Media published a record of last night's event at the Lebanon-Israel border including the three Sudanese migrants who were arrested by the Israeli army and returned to a check point to be taken by Lebanese forces
1 year ago
[email protected] commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie in Beirut to @LBCI_ U.S. will continue its support for LAF, relationship with LAF "tested over many decades," "deep" and will "transcend political perturbations."
Pompeo: Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and we call on all countries to classify it as a terrorist
Pompeo: We will not allow Iran to sell oil to Hezbollah
Protesters in Baghdad's Tahrir square marching in solidarity with Husham al-Hashimi, chanting "[Iran-backed] Hezbollah is the enemy of God." Hashimi previously received threats from Kataib Hezbollah
1 year ago
IAF/Israeli army reported over Beirut, Lebanon
Israeli fighter jets were flying low over the northern borders in the last hours1 year ago
Israeli fighter jets were flying low over the northern borders in the last hours
Sound of explosion at Lebanon-Israel border was from controlled explosions of a landmine
Three explosions have been reported near the Israel/Lebanon border. Cause currently unknown
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) 42nd Brigade finds ISIS training complex consisting of 8 rooms underground in Tarimiya district north of Baghdad. Also report that ISIS has been selling fish to gain funding
Lebanon - the son of the cleric Ali al-Amin holds the Hezbollah militia responsible for the safety of his father
1 year ago
In Iraq, improvised explosive device attack on PMF (Hashd) 51st Brigade patrol kills 4 & injures tribal sheikh in west Beiji district
The Shin Bet uncovered a Hezbollah infrastructure for recruiting Israeli civilians
US Envoy to Iran Brian Hook: Failure to extend the arms embargo on Iran will allow it to acquire modern weapons and export them to its arms in the region
The Secretary-General of the Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah announces the refusal to surrender arms to the Iraqi state after the release of the detained elements from his faction
Hook: If the arms embargo on Iran is lifted, it will modernize its arsenal and support militias loyal to it
Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut has summoned U.S. Ambassador after statements against Hezbollah
The US Special Envoy on Iran: The Iranian people are tired of the government stealing their money and spending on terrorist agents in the region
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