24 July 2021
The Iran-backed Hezbollah says it downed and seized an Israeli drone as it flew over the Lebanese border near the town of Aita al-Shaab
Lebanon 's Hezbollah says has downed an Israeli drone
11 month ago
Israeli army statement: Earlier today, during Israeli army operational activities on Lebanon border, an Israeli army drone fell in Lebanese territory. No concern of intel leak
One civilian killed in an IED attack in southern Baghdad targeting local contractor company transporting equipment to the US-led coalition
11 month ago
The clashes between Hezbollah and the Amal movement on the background of raising Ashura signs in a lobby
US State Department: We strongly condemn the assassinations of activists and the targeting of demonstrators in Baghdad and Basra
11 month ago
One dead and a number of wounded in an armed conflict between Amal and Hezbollah
Sounds of gunfire reported in the vicinity of Kibbutz Shtula, northern Israel borders with Lebanon
Pompeo: The US sanctions have helped reduce the funding of Iran's militias
Shooting was heard on the Lebanese border in northern Israel
Trump asked Iraqi PM to dissolve Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias that alligned with Iran - source
11 month ago
Nasrallah: Past impacts present. All of what we are living is result of WWI, WWII, establishment of the Zionist state which is the greatest threat in our region. So we must understand past to understand present
Hezbollah Sec.Gen. Hassan Nasrallah's First Night of Ashoura speech begins11 month ago
Hezbollah Sec.Gen. Hassan Nasrallah's First Night of Ashoura speech begins
Lebanese Politician Samir Geagea: The state of Lebanon bears responsibility for handing over Salim Ayyash to the International Court
The US embassy in Baghdad condemns the recent assassinations campaign
Lebanese military: Over a 17 hour period yesterday, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft violated Lebanese airspace 16 times and circled over areas of southern Lebanon
Iraqi MP says recent attacks in Basra is declaration of war on state, calls for the deployment of Counter Terrorism Service in Basra to cleanse Basra from the criminals "who are more dangerous than ISIS"
Iraq: Activist Falah Al-Hasnawi survives an assassination attempt on him and his fiancée
11 month ago
Hezbollah official: The court's decision in the Hariri case does not concern us
11 month ago
French Foreign Ministry: The ruling of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon must be fully implemented
An Iraqi activist and organizer of recent public protests in the southern province of Dhi Qar survived an assassination attempt on Wednesday
Pompeo: Hezbollah's use of Lebanon's financial system threatens the possibility of its recovery
Washington: Hezbollah is a terrorist organization whose goal is to spread a malicious sectarian agenda to Iran
US State Department: Hezbollah does not defend Lebanon, but rather is a terrorist organization
US State Department: Ayyash's conviction in the Hariri case confirms that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization
Secretary General of the Future Movement: We did not want from the beginning to turn the killing of Hariri into internal strife
Saad Hariri: Justice in the Beirut bombing is a demand of all Lebanese
Saad Hariri: We demand justice for the victims of the Beirut bombing
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: - Salim Jamil Ayyash is guilty of being an accomplice in the murder of Rafik Hariri. - Asad Sabra, Hussein Oneissi, and Hassan Merhi are not guilty of all the charges against them.
The conviction of Salim Ayyash, a member of Hezbollah, of 5 cases of murder, including the murder of Rafik Hariri
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