26 September 2021
9 month ago
Lebanese media: A bomb exploded on an Israeli patrol near the border town of Al-Adisa
Spokesperson of Asaib Ahl al-Haq's Parliamentary bloc says there's no military deployment of AAH militias in Baghdad and the videos published tonight are either old or belongs to people not known us
Mobilization call made by NDF leader Mohammad Assaf to assist allied fighters in al-Mayadin
Pro-Iranian groups in Bukamal have reportedly mobilized around the city
PM Kadhimi has allegedly informed the mediators/political figures his total refusal to releasing the perpetrators of rocket attacks on the Green Zone
Iraqi Shiite insurgent source "Sabereen News": Fighters from insurgent faction Quwaat al-Zulfiqar have been deployed in Baghdad and Asaib Ahl al-Haq special forces personnel have taken positions in the Al-Rusafa area of eastern Baghdad
Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia threatens Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi of God's punishment befalling on him by the "Islamic Resistance," waiting for the signal from Qais al-Khazali
Al-Kazemi informs political figures that he completely refused to release those involved in the rocket fire
Al-Asaib militia gives the Iraqi government 48 hours to release a detainee accused of firing rockets
Al-Arabiya sources: Iraqi security forces arrest 6 members of the Asaib militia
9 month ago
Naples Prosecutor: The value of drugs seized from Hezbollah amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars
9 month ago
Naples Prosecutor: Hezbollah drugs found in three suspicious containers
An Iraqi security source: An explosion targets an international coalition convoy in Samawah Governorate
IAF activity reported over Beirut according to Lebanese reports, shortly after activity was heard over Israel
IAF jets activity reported over southern Lebanon, photo from Al-Manar's Ali Shoeib
A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior: foiling a plot to target an American military base at Baghdad Airport
Iraqi Minister of Interior to Al-Arabiya: High coordination with the coalition and NATO forces to pursue militants
9 month ago
Karma Brigade Tribal PMU just blocked an attack by ISIS near one of their barracks north of the town
In Iraq, PMF (Hashd) 314th Brigade kills group of ISIS in rocket attack north of Samarra
An IED attack on a convoy of the US Army and Coalition Forces in Babylon
Quneitra: Two members of the pro-Assad forces were killed and another was wounded by gunmen
9 month ago
Head of CENTCOM tells @ABCNews over 20 rockets were fired at the U.S. embassy in Iraq on Sunday, saying it was an escalation as it was the largest such attack since 2010
Banners of Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis recently adorned on the streets of Lebanon leading up to the first anniversary of their killing by a U.S. drone strike in Iraq
US envoy to Syria: Iran must withdraw its militias from Syria
US Envoy for Syria Affairs Joel Rayburn: The policy that we follow towards Syria is the policy of the United States, not the policy of a party, and this policy is based on three goals: achieving safety in Syria, defeating ISIS and Al Qaeda, and withdrawing Iranian militias
US Deputy Representative to the Security Council: Iranian weapons continue to spread in the vicinity of Iran and outside it
Iraqi security forces start an operation in Za'faraniyah neighborhood to find those who launched rockets toward US embassy in Baghdad
Israeli army's CoS Kochavi warning to Iran: "Israeli army will forcefully attack anyone who takes part, near or far, in activities against Israel or Israeli targets. I am saying this plainly & describing the situation as it is: the response & all plans have been prepared."
Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Forces: We will not allow the security of diplomatic missions to be compromised
Image reportedly from tonights launchers near Camp Rashid, upto 6 x 107mm rockets per launcher (2 launchers) it seems
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