18 September 2021
The Lebanese Agency: Mock Israeli raids at low altitude over Lebanon
9 month ago
Officials: Postponement of negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel
9 month ago
Israeli warplanes fly over Beirut and Sidon
President elect of Iraqi Olympic Committee: people claiming to be part of the PMF (Hashd) & speaking in the name of Falih Fayyadh, PMF Chairman, prevented me from entering the Olympic building
9 month ago
The missile caused a fire in one of the oil tanks in Salah al-Din Governorate
9 month ago
A Chinese oil refinery in Salah al-Din was hit by a Katyusha missile
9 month ago
Reuters: A fire in an oil refinery in northern Iraq after a missile fell
Israeli army Chief of Staff conducted a situational assessment in the 210th Division today: "We will continue to act as vigorously as necessary against the Iranian formation in Syria, and we will continue to maintain full readiness against any identification of aggression against us
9 month ago
IAF combat helicopters and jets scrambled to the scene of the suspected infiltration on the Lebanese border
9 month ago
Israeli drones buzzing over Israel-Lebanese border
9 month ago
Suspected infiltration in the area of Margaliot - Manara: Residents in the area report many explosions heard, likely all from the 7 flares fired so far
Kiryat Shemona spokesperson also says no special instructions for residents
Metula spokesperson tells residents that explosions may be heard from flares, with no other special instructions
Suspected infiltration in the area of Margaliot - Manara9 month ago
Suspected infiltration in the area of Margaliot - Manara
Israeli army firing flares over the northern border near Margaliot9 month ago
Israeli army firing flares over the northern border near Margaliot
Shooting at the headquarters of the "National Defense" militia in the city of Al-Mayadin, east of Deir Ezzor, as a result of a quarrel between leaders of militia groups over the disagreement over sharing 50 liters of diesel fuel that was confiscated by a checkpoint
9 month ago
Hezbollah says Iran will be one to respond to assassination of scientist: Manar TV
Kataib Hezbollah issues a statement on the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadah, accusing "Zionist, American & Saudi Front" of the attack vowing that "the price will be high" and all three are going to be target of "revenge and response
9 month ago
Hezbollah: The answer is in Iran's hands, it's a matter of honor
Supporters of @Mu_AlSadr setting fire on protesters tents in Nasiriyah's Al Haboubi square, Iraq
Fire reported in Beirut9 month ago
Fire reported in Beirut
An explosion hits Alboukamal Area near to Iraq/Syria border
Israeli army reportedly once again dropped leaflets in southern Syria warning against Iranian and Hezbollah activities
Syrian military official: No injuries in Israeli air strikes
Tonight's airstrikes in southern Syria, specifically in the Jabal al-Mana area, were likely an attempt by the Israeli army to thwart Hezbollah activity in the area. Israeli officials have repeatedly warned they would act against Hezbollah establishing itself near the Golan border
Israel Defense Forces in a series of tweets explain the malicious behavior of Iran
Lebanon's president: Lebanon is a prisoner of corruption, political plotting and foreign interference
Looks like Iraq's Harakat Hizballah al-Nujaba's (HHN) TV network's (Nujaba TV) website was seized. The group emerged in 2013 as an Akram Ka'abi-led faction off of AAH. It was one of the major recruiters for Shia militiamen to fight in Syria
All clear on the northern border following the suspected infiltration
Washington's Envoy to Iran: There are sanctions on Iran that are not related to the nuclear program
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