16 Июнь 2021
The Lebanese president: We regret the American actions against the two representatives of Hezbollah and we will discuss it with the American administration
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri: US sanctions against Hezbollah and its MPs take a new turn but will not affect the work of the government or parliament
1 год назад
Lebanon speaker condemns US sanctions on Hezbollah lawmakers
Pompeo: New sanctions today are part of Washington's efforts to counter the impact of Hezbollah's corruption on Lebanon and to support the stability of the country
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: We call on our partners and allies to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization
1 год назад
Hezbollah slams US sanctions on MPs as "humiliation" for Lebanese
The U.S. Treasury has added Hizbullah MPs Mohammed Raad and Amin Cherri and the party's coordination and liaison officer Wafiq Safa to its sanctions list.
1 год назад
More than $1.5 million in gold and cash found in Beirut airport car park
Разведывательный самолет  P8A Poseidon ВМС США 169004 оперирует у побережья Ливана, 10:141 год назад
Разведывательный самолет P8A Poseidon ВМС США 169004 оперирует у побережья Ливана, 10:14
Вражеские ракеты обстреливают склад в Аль-Хамех на западе Дамаска
1 год назад
Lebanese minister Salah Ghrib says he survived assassination attempt, two people from his convoy is dead
Acting US Secretary of Defense: We will confront Iran's provocative behavior in the region
1 год назад
British Foreign Secretary: A sustainable solution to the crisis with Iran is that Tehran stops its destabilizing activities of the region
Russian national security adviser: We seek to ensure the security of Israel
Bolton: Iran sends weapons to Hezbollah and Houthi militias and to militias in Iraq
Проиранские боевики в Абу-Камаль приведены в полную боевую готовность
1 год назад
Hezbollah operative collected information on Toronto's Pearson airport
1 год назад
"Katyusha" rocket landed on the presidential palaces complex in Mosul, which hosts a group of US instructors in Iraq
1 год назад
Sirens in the Northern Israel: a false alarm.
1 год назад
Incoming rocket siren sounds in community of Dishon in northern Israel. (This comes amid tensions with Iran and Hezbollah, but also as the Israeli army is rolling out a new siren system)
1 год назад
5 Katyusha missiles have struck Taji military base, housing Iraqi and US forces. 6 killed and 15 wounded so far. Not clear if any members of the coalition forces stationed there were injured or killed.
2 год назад
PMF denounced the mortar and katyusha strikes on Balad Air Base and Jadriyah section of Baghdad while vowing to track down the perpetrators responsible.
2 год назад
A small drone penetrated Israeli airspace from Lebanon and then turned back, according to the @Israeli army. The military says the drone was under Israeli observation the whole time.
US hopes Iran release of Lebanese man is a "positive sign" for detained Americans
US National Security Adviser: Iran uses ballistic missiles to spread terrorism in the Middle East
US State Department: We will hold Iran accountable for any threat to American citizens
2 год назад
Iran will release Lebanese national Nizar Zakka from prison within a few hours and hand him to Hezbollah, a decision taken "out of respect" for proxy militia Lebanese Hezbollah, reports Revolutionary Guards-linked Fars News Agency.
USAF C-130J-30 Hercules CROME69 departed Beirut Lebanon2 год назад
USAF C-130J-30 Hercules CROME69 departed Beirut Lebanon
2 год назад
U.S. Central Command commander in press statements: Iranians or their agents may launch an attack at any moment
2 год назад
Nasrallah: Trump knows that when the region ignites, the price of oil will be $200 or $300
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