Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

24 July 2017
Latest graphic of reported Hezbollah gains near Arsal as Hezbollah looks to mediate surrender of remaining HTS
Lebanon: heavy artillery shelling on HTS-controlled Wadi Hamid's Mounts overlooking town of Arsal.
West Qalamun: Large of HTS militants seen pulling out of territory towards IS areas, others withdrawn to refugee camps near Arsal: Hezbollah media
West Qalamoun: on 4th day of Hezbollah-led offensive heavy clashes continue on Lebanese side. HTS targeted a tank, reportedly taken out.
Hezbollah Operations Command: We call upon all militants in Arsal Highlands to prevent bloodshed and hand over.
Video of ongoing Hezbollah operation in East Lebanon
Video of ongoing Hezbollah operation in East Lebanon
Lebanese army facilitated entrance of 79 women and children from camps in Arsal outskirts to the town of Arsal.
Hezbollah artillery bombardment of Syrian refugee camps in the Wadi Hameed area on the Syrian-Lebanese border.
Ilyushin aircraft belonging to Syrian government throw weapons and food on Fu'aa, Idlib, where Hezbollah militias and other militants stay.
Hezbollah takes control over Nusra stronghold Wadi al-Khayl in latest push: WMC
Hezbollah wages multi-pronged attack on militants at Syrian border - media unit
Hezbollah capture Wadi M'aysara and Qal'at Husn height which overlook Zamrani crossing triangle in eastern Arsal barrens
Hezbollah continue operations in Wadi Khayl, advance in Sarj alAjram, clashes with Nusra on Dahr Safa - Hasn alKhirbeh hills
McCain: Glad deal finally reached for sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea - I'm reviewing details closely to ensure strong, effective sanctions
Picturess from captured Jaroud Falita shows the difficult terrain Hezbollah and HTS are fighting in
Hezbollah with support of Syrian army gained control against HTS in Western Qalamun
HTS Organization in Western Qalamoun ATGM strike [type unclear] on Hezbollah vehicle from Juroud Arsal countryside of Damascus
.@DailyStarLeb daily graphic on Hezbollah reported gains by day three of Arsal offensive
West Qalamoun: FSA Coalition Saraya Ahl Sham declared ceasefire 4 evacuation, leaving HTS alone to fight. Leb. Army used 1st time artillery
Ahl al-Diyar Op. Room share pictures saying the fighter they thought was an SDF/YPG fighter captured by them during their last operation in Ayn Daqnah turned out to be a Hezbollah operative who fought also on behalf of the Government - 'proving' that Hezbollah-SDF/YPG are cooperating in northern Aleppo.
West Qalamoun: video showing the Hezbollah-led battle to control Arsal Mounts.
West Qalamoun: video showing the Hezbollah-led battle to control Arsal Mounts.
Syrian Army and Allies capture All Jurud Falayta in West Qalamoon
Media tied to HTS claims two cars belonging to Hezbollah were hit by guided missiles fired by the group near Arsal Lebanon
West Qalamoun: A pro-Government fighter from Homs was captured by Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham and two more Hezbollah fighters were killed in Arsal Mounts.
15 Hezbollah fighters and 48 militants were reportedly killed during the first day of the Arsal offensive along the Syria - Lebanon border
Hezbollah is targeting HTS at Aarsal Barens
Hezbollah is targeting HTS at Aarsal Barens
Syrian jets bomb Lebanese border area, as the wide offensive with Hezbollah continues
Photos of Hezbollah operation in Wadi Al-Khail triangle, Wadi al-Ayouni in Jaroud Aarsal
Hezbollah and Syrian army in operation at Lebanon border is in control of Qornat Wadi al-Khayl and Qurnat al-Qanzah heights
Congress introduces three bipartisan measures to combat Hezbollah before Hariri visit to the U.S. and before the Aug 31 expiration of UNIFIL