Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

2 Червень 2020
Масштабне підкріплення шиїтських бойовиків і КВІР прибуло в Кхашам і Аль-Саліхія,повідомляють, що вони мають намір проводити напад на нафтове родовище Аль-Азбах, яке контролюють Демократичні сили Сирії
Pouya Air IL76 EP-PUS Iranian heavy lift climbing out from Moscow VKO1 рік тому
Pouya Air IL76 EP-PUS Iranian heavy lift climbing out from Moscow VKO
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Khamenei: The Zionist government is clearly weaker than 10, 20 years ago. A few years ago they fought Hezbollah for 33 days and were defeated. They were defeated 2 years later in the 22-day war on Palestinian resistance; in 8-day war on oppressed people of Gaza and recently in the 2-day war.
Sec Pompeo to Khamenei: Spend money on Iranians instead of militants
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PMU launch military operation southwest of Kirkuk
ISIS attacking PMF and Iraqi forces around Khanaqin and casualties reported on Iraqi forces and PMF side.
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Iraq: PMU Commander of the western axis of Anbar Qasim Musleh: H3 base under the control of our forces since the liberation of Akashat
Argentina foils Hezbollah plot against the Jewish community: Israeli media
Israel Hermes 450 drone allegedly flying over southern Lebanon
Iraqi MP from Building Coalition: Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi is still determined to have Falih Fayyadh, former PMF (Hashd) chairman, as Interior Minister.
In Iraq, spokesman for Arab Tribes in disputed areas says PMF (Hashd) is arresting, kidnapping and torturing residents in parts of Ninawa Province, mentions Sinjar and Tall Afar.
Clashes erupt between two Shia militias in Khurmatu: One militia commander from Asaib Ahl al-Haq group wounded; Iraqi army intervened. Arrested some fighters; Kirkuk-Baghdad road closed.
Outgoing Israeli Defense Minister Libernan says Israel 'is feeding the monster', warns that in one year Hamas could become as strong as Hezbollah
US State Department: Hezbollah Militias are a Global Terrorist Organization
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Hezbollah threatens security and stability in Lebanon and abroad
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The State Department: Hamas and Hezbollah are getting arms from Iran
U.S. State Department: Washington offers $5 million for information on Hamas and Hezbollah militants involved in terrorist acts
The US Treasury Department ranks 5 people on the terrorism list for their links with Hezbollah militias
Hariri: Hezbollah took the decision to disrupt the formation of the government
Hariri: Formation of the government collided with a large opposition expressed by Hezbollah
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Nasrallah: On dead Day, we promise our dead we will continue to achieve their goals whatever the sacrifices
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Nasrallah: We don't want conflict or go back to previous situation, there are rights, negotiate with them
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Nasrallah: When the independent Sunnis come to us and ask us to give the names to the PM, this decision is no longer Hezbollah's, then we will give the names. Full stop
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Nasrallah: When each got his lot then when it came to the independent representation suddenly you care about the economy and use it as excuse
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Nasrallah: If we want to obstruct, O Jumblatt and others, do we need to play with Sunni issue If we want to obstruct I will go on the TV and say we don't want a government formation
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Nasrallah: Dont Come negotiate with us go negotiate with the 6 independent MPs and we back them
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Nasrallah: We will stay with our allies for a year, two and until the end of times
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Nasrallah: If someone refuses Sunni independent representation then there is no united government and we go back to square one
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Nasrallah: To Lebanese Forces, for 5 months went up and down calling for your rights and obstructing and nothing is wrong with that, did we say anything If so you have to wait 5 months until you throw accusations at us
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Насралла: Джумблат і Прогресивно-соціалістична партія Лівану заявляли, що Іран і Сирія перешкоджають і втручаються, де ваші докази? Перш ніж заявляти, що ми перешкоджаємо чомусь, ви повинні зазначити, що ми відмовлялися називати імена і чекали 4 місяці
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