24 March 2023
1 year ago
Nassrallah also says that "the axis of resistance" will "expel" the US from Syria too
1 year ago
"The US says its combat role in Iraq is over & only advisers will remain. To allow them to remain is to kill the leaders again" Says Hezbollah leader Nassrallah "The proper response is to expel every last member of US military"
"At least 7 Katyusha rockets & 4 mortar rounds targeted the US army base near the Al-Omar field, Syria." Shia militia-affiliated channels claim. Until now NO confirmation from the US-led Coalition
Video from Ayn al Furat shows a missile launch from the American base at Omar Oil Field towards the west side of the Euphrates and pro-Government forces
Vehicle used in the attack found. Standard hidden truck MLRS that's been seen before1 year ago
Vehicle used in the attack found. Standard hidden truck MLRS that's been seen before
Waves of Iraqis joined the march in Baghdad in memory of Soleimani and Muhandis who were murdered by US bombing near Baghdad airport in 2020
Secretary General of Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada eyes Deadline for US forces to leave Iraqi bases ends in 3 hours
1 year ago
Al-Maliki: The Houthis are fighting in Yemen with a sectarian ideology
1 year ago
Brigadier General Al-Maliki: The war in Yemen is intellectual, social and sectarian, as is the case in Lebanon
1 year ago
Brigadier-General Al-Maliki: The Iranian government takes care of its arms in the region and is destroying and ruining
1 year ago
The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen: We will reveal with evidence the Lebanese Hezbollah's involvement with the Houthi militias in their attacks
The US State Department: Iranian support for its militias in the region threatens regional and international security
The US State Department: Transferring Iranian weapons to the Houthis is a flagrant violation of United Nations resolutions
1 year ago
1 fighter from Brigade 9 PMU was killed last night during clashes with ISIS in east Salahuddin. PMF claims the killing of 1 ISIS during a raid this morning in Al-Ayth area of Salahuddin
After last night's rocket attack on the Green Zone, police seized two launchers and their ignition systems at a site off Palestine Street in east Baghdad. Last night's attack was two rockets, 1 intercepted by C-RAM, the other fell in the festival square damaging some vehicles
The White House: We are coordinating with France on Lebanon and considering imposing sanctions on failed politicians
The White House: We do not want to see a failed state in the Middle East and indications that Lebanon is heading towards failure
The White House: Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq have increased their attacks against US forces
Israel's ambassador to the United Nations: The nuclear agreement with Iran does not address its support for Hamas and Hezbollah
1 year ago
IED attack on US logistic convoy in Al Dewanea governorate
Iraqi Airways flight from Basra & a Royal Canadian Air Force C-130 appear to be in a holding pattern south of Erbil. Reasons unknown, been like this for 15-20mins1 year ago
Iraqi Airways flight from Basra & a Royal Canadian Air Force C-130 appear to be in a holding pattern south of Erbil. Reasons unknown, been like this for 15-20mins
Sada Al Sharqiah reporter from Albukamal: Drones fly over the sky of Albukamal towards the Belt area, and the Iranian militias fire anti-aircraft fire towards it.
An explosion rocked a Hamas weapons depot in a Palestinian camp in southern Lebanon. Several people killed in wounded, according the reports
In the last 30 minutes minutes multiple explosions have occurred in the Al-Burj Shemali refugee camp near Tyre, Lebanon. Multiple reportedly taken to hospital near by. The cause is currently unknown
1 year ago
Yemeni Minister of Information: We demand Lebanon to take a decisive stance regarding Hezbollah's interference in Yemen and its support for the Houthis
Sirens ring out at US consulate in Erbil
SPA: Mikati announced his government's commitment to taking everything necessary to strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states
A phone call between the Saudi Crown Prince, the French President and the Prime Minister of Lebanon
A Saudi-French statement: Emphasizing the need to limit arms to the legitimate state institutions in Lebanon
Qais Al-Khazali, leader of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq: The government's statement regarding the attack on Al-Kazemi is manipulation and a waste of time
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