Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

23 September 2018
Israel DM reiterates red lines concerning Syria - strict observance of 1974 armistice, not allowing Iran to use Syria as a front against Israel, not allowing Syria to be used as transit point for advanced arms deliveries to Hezbollah.
IRGC opens an office for enrollment to its ranks in the town of Sabikhan, Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
In daylight, ISIS infiltrates into village in Hadr district in southwest Ninawa Province, Iraq, and kills 4 villagers. ISIS escapes into desert. Tribal PMF (Hashd) says such attacks are common.
FSA National Liberation Front Capt. Naji Mustafa: "[by eavesdropping near Zahia Tower Latakia], we found the presence of Iranian and Iraqi militias and Lebanese Hezbollah and militias of the NDF, in addition to the militias belonging to Mihraç Ural"
[email protected] reports that US secretary for FP Pompeo refused to see Lebanon foreign minister Gebran Bassil who was also warned about more pressure applied on Lebanon over Hezbollah
Lebanon's Hariri says optimistic on government formation
Houthi leader appeals to Putin, asking him to help bring an end to Yemen's civil war
Iranian militia intercepts convoy of displaced from Quneitra near Homs
Hezbollah members evacuated from Syria's Foua and Kafraya came back to Lebanon.
Al Badr Militia Fighters opening fire against protesters in Diwaniya southern of Iraq, till now 1 protester have been killed and many injured.
Footage shows the protester who have been killed in Diwaniyah southern of Iraq by Iranian backed Al Badr Militia fire.
Explosion of a equipment store belonging to one of the factions (Hashd Al Shebi ) east of Karbala
DeirEzzor: Iraqi Hizbollah militia withdraw from alBukamal to Iraq
Syria: Lebanese Hezbollah fighters who were trapped in Fuah-Kefraya reached Damascus.
Hezbollah-tied media released footage of the battle to capture Masharah, in the Quneitra Province2 month ago
Hezbollah-tied media released footage of the battle to capture Masharah, in the Quneitra Province
Two fighters killed yesterday in Israeli airstrikes near Aleppo Airbase were affiliated with Syrian Hezbollah. Buried today in Nubul.
Israel strikes Syrian positions near Aleppo International Airport. The strikes have killed several Syrian soldiers including 2 from besieged areas of Nubul and Zahra in Idlib.
Protesters burn one of the offices of Hashd al-Shaabi's al-Badr Brigades militias in Basra.
Basra: PMU - Badr forces dispersed groups who tried to storm the headquarters of the Badr Organization in the area of ​​Al-Twaisah.
Kata'ib Hezbollah HQ in Iraq's Najaf has been torched by protestors as a message to Iran.
Protesters attacking Al Fatih coalition office in Misan province southern of Iraq. Al Fatih coalition is lead by Hadi Al Amiri who's pro Iranian PMF commander
Pompeo: We must cut off all sources of funding for the Iranian government that it exploits to finance terrorism and proxy wars
Pro-Assad forces seized control over Tell Ashari, West to Tafas in Daraa
Hezbollah Military Media: Houthis fire Badr-1 ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia's Jizan
Mahan Air lands in Tehran on its return journey from Damascus. IRGC airlift to Assad and Hezbollah continues.2 month ago
Mahan Air lands in Tehran on its return journey from Damascus. IRGC airlift to Assad and Hezbollah continues.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
The @SundayTimes says UK jets bombed pro-Assad militias in east Syria on June 21. The strike the US attributed to Israel and for which the Iraqi militias vowed revenge was June 17.
DeirEzzor: ISIS attacked Lebanese Hezbollah headquarters in alSayaal town in eastern countryside
Iraq'i Shiite militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (close to Iran's IRGC) visit AbuKamal border town in eastern Syria
2 month ago
SAA and allies has controlled Al Lajat area in Daraa - Hezbollah media
Eight members of Lebanon's Hezbollah militia were captured in an ambush in Saada - spokesperson Turki Al-Maliki
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