22 June 2021
Israeli warplanes flying in the skies of southern Lebanon
The US Treasury is putting Lebanese Fadi Sarhan on the sanctions list for his relationship with the Hezbollah militia
Military commanders in the Syrian and Iraqi armies conducted a joint exploration tour on the border between the two countries in order to establish a joint crossing between the Syrian-Iraqi border, starting from Albukamal on the Syrian border to the border crossing Al-Qaim
Hezbollah puts pressure on Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to convene cabinet, with sheikh Naim Qassem saying that it's a "dangerous" situation. The Lebanese government has not met for a month.
Mosul-Erbil road is blocked by these PMF guys to protest against the PM decision on the 30th brigade of the PMF
US envoy to Syria: The removal of Iranian forces from Syria is a decision of the Damascus government
Israel targeted area in Quneitra1 year ago
Israel targeted area in Quneitra
The Lebanese president: We will not give in security and we will not return to instability
The Lebanese President: Lebanon has paid its economy and stability because of the wars of others
Abu Kamal: Heavy clashes and shelling can be heard from Baghuz Fawqani in Abu-Kamal, ISIS is launching heavy attacks on SAA positions in Abu-Kamal.
Israeli Air Force jets over Beirut and Beqaa
IAF fighter jets flying over southern Lebanon1 year ago
IAF fighter jets flying over southern Lebanon
Positions in Bukamal have been reinforced by pro-Iranian militias recently
Pompeo: Previous US administration decisions have allowed Iran and its militias to expand in the region
Unknown explosions near Hezbollah militia headquarters at Mount Maroun in Yabroud, Damascus1 year ago
Unknown explosions near Hezbollah militia headquarters at Mount Maroun in Yabroud, Damascus
Israeli air strikes targeted Hezbollah and Iranian militia positions in the vicinity of Damascus and Quneitra
IDF: For the last year, the Iranian Quds Force has been smuggling missile manufacturing equipment purchased from CIVILIAN companies through CIVILIAN ports directly into the hands of Hezbollah. Well Iran, if you'd planned to keep this a secret—that ship has sailed
1 year ago
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt calls for a law in Britain to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) investigation reveals that there was no drone attack on PMF base in Salah ad-Din Province, rather damage was caused by a fire
1 year ago
U.S. Central Command:We are aware of the reports of an attack against the Iranians and a Popular Mobilization Force unit in Salah ad Din. US Forces were not involved, and we have no further information at this time.
Secretary-General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro calls on the leaders of the member states of the Organization to follow the example of the Argentine president to declare Hezbollah a "terrorist organization"
The Pentagon denies any involvement in bombing the PMU militia camp in Iraq
US Gov't offers $7 million reward for information on Hezbollah member Salman Rapuf Salman
Iraqi Army: "Martyrs camp" of the PMU was bombed by an unknown UAV
Pro Hezbollah media deny claims made by Saudi TV @AlArabiya @AlHadath that a number of Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed in a suspected US, airstrike on an Hashd Shaabi camp east of Salahuddin where Iran allegedly moved ballistic missiles to Iraq
Drones attack base of pro Iran militias in Iraq believed to house balletic missiles deployed recently by Iran. Hezbollah and IRGC believed to be among the dead.
Iraq - Council of Arab tribes: an unknown aircraft targeted a PMU camp east of Salah al-Din
Argentina orders to freeze Hezbollah assets and classifies it as a terrorist organization
Israeli overflights at low altitude over some areas of the south Lebanon
The Lebanese president has called on the Security Council to extend the mandate of the UNIFIL mission
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