23 September 2021
1 year ago
Shiite militiamen from Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces claim to have captured 15 ISIS members during a security operation in Iraq's Nineveh Province
1 year ago
Coronavirus in Lebanon: 14 returnees returned Friday tested positive
Iraqi Tribal PMF (Hashd) in Haditha district in Anbar Province: we have completed a security operation stretching to the border that killed 15 ISIS & destroyed 13 safe houses. Army participated with us
Lebanon— The US, Germany & other major contributors to the IMF ought to demand that before any checks are written, Hezbollah disarms—that, from on, it seeks power based on the ballots it can garner rather than the bullets it can fire: @CliffordDMay
1 year ago
Israeli warplanes fly in Lebanese airspace again
1 year ago
Lebanese media: Israeli military aircraft and drones have been spotted today flying over the Lebanese capital Beirut and in the areas of Nabatieh, Matn, al-Tuffah, Jezzine, and Deir al-Zahrani
1 year ago
Israeli UAVs flying over southern Lebanon
Demonstrators block the road between Daraa Al-Balad and Daraa Al-Mahata in protest against the arrest by Iranian militias and the Political Security branch of a young man from the Al Masalamat family
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: "Israeli aircrafts launched raids at night" in Syria's Deir al-Zour region-"targeting the rural area of Al-Mayadin and the towns of Al-Salhiyeh and Al-Quriyah" and killing at least 14 "Iraqis and Iranians."
1 year ago
Daraa&Quneitra, regime Forces&Iranian Militias,Especially Hezbollah have sent massive reinforcements to its positions &checkpoints around the reconciliation areas under full former FSA control
Israeli army fired 3 flares over Al Ghagar village. This is the second time in a week1 year ago
Israeli army fired 3 flares over Al Ghagar village. This is the second time in a week
1 year ago
Reports of Israeli army flares being fired over Sheba Farms/Har Dov area now
1 year ago
Lebanese reports say Israeli army firing flares over the town of Ghajar, drones heard overhead
1 year ago
Lebanese Ministry of Health: 25 Corona Virus infections were recorded among passengers of a plane arriving from Nigeria to Beirut
"If Hezbollah continues to paralyze UNIFIL's actions and reinforce its terrorist positions in the area, there will be no choice but to draw conclusions about the necessity of the forces in its current format," Israel's Permanent Representative to the UN @dannydanon said
The Lebanese Foreign Minister informs the German ambassador that Hezbollah is a major political component in Lebanon and represents a wide segment of the people and part of the Lebanese Parliament
The Lebanese foreign minister summons the German ambassador in Beirut to clarify his country's decision regarding banning Hezbollah's activities in Germany
Iraqi 16th PMF (Hashd) Brigade kills 1 ISIS & injures other in ambush in Daquq district in south Kirkuk Province. PMF 25th Brigade fires mortars on ISIS movements detected by cameras in Hamrain Hills
1 year ago
Nasrallah: The relationship with the Amal Movement is excellent, and everyone who searches for any dispute between us will fail
1 year ago
Nasrallah denied Hizbullah wants to destroy or take over banking sector Lebanon but he accused banks of being "more American than the Americans" when closing "Hizbullah related accounts"
Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah says Germany banned his group after yielded to US pressure, says he predicts that other nations would do it1 year ago
Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah says Germany banned his group after yielded to US pressure, says he predicts that other nations would do it
1 year ago
Monday speech by Hezbollah SecGen Nasrallah: I will discuss three things: 1) Germany's ban on Hezbollah, 2) Lebanon's financial situation, 3) Overview of Lebanon's political situation
1 year ago
Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi launch a military operation in western Anbar province
Lebanese reports of Israeli army firing flares over the border near the Wazzani River
Popular Mobilization Forces: Responded to the infiltration of ISIS attacks into the Al-Ruwa’iyah area in Jurf al-Sakhr, north of Babel
1 year ago
In Iraq, ISIS attacks Tribal PMF (Hashd) checkpoints in Athim subdistrict in Diyala Province. 3 PMF killed & 4 injured. Clash continues
1 year ago
In Iraq, ISIS attacks PMF (Hashd) in north Babil Province. One PMF killed. Clashes continue
PMU: 4 ISIS operatives were killed by artillery shelling in eastern Tikrit
IAF warplanes are flying over southern Lebanon
US intelligence director urges France to ban Hezbollah
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