18 September 2021
1 month ago
Hezbollah has issued a statement lauding the four Palestinians killed in Jenin by Israeli security forces overnight & praised the response by the 'mujahideen' for their deaths. It appears Hezbollah is confirming today's rocket attack from Gaza was in response to their killing
1 month ago
Today Hezbollah's secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah said he would begin to import gasoline and diesel from Iran.
1 month ago
Civil Aviation in Lebanon denies the suspension of work at Rafic Hariri Airport or the postponement of its flights
Full statement from the military: "Yesterday (Wednesday), Israeli army troops downed a drone belonging to the Hezbollah terror organization that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli airspace. The drone was monitored by the Israeli army throughout the incident"
USN US Navy P8 Poseidon AE682C active over Eastern Mediterranean1 month ago
USN US Navy P8 Poseidon AE682C active over Eastern Mediterranean
Just 29 MPs have reached Parliament thus far for a controversial session that would transfer suspected MPs/ex-ministers away from Judge Bitar's jursidiction in BeirutBlast investigation. Amal, Hezbollah, and Future Movement are the only major parties to endorse the session
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz yesterday at Northern Command: "The crisis in Lebanon is devastating. Israel calls on the international community to aid Lebanon. We are also willing to provide assistance, however we will not enable the tragedy in Lebanon to cross the border
1 month ago
Iranian-backed militia receives a shipment of missiles in Raqqa
DM Gantz during a tour of the Israeli army northern command: "Those who have become accustomed to equations should understand that what was is not necessarily what will be, and they should do the math
The US Department of Defense: Iran provides training and weapons to armed groups to carry out attacks on our forces and allies in the region
1 month ago
All four Hezbollah militants and the truck they used fire 20 rockets to Israel from a Druze village in south Lebanon have been released
"Israeli government sources insist decision not to militarily retaliate against Hezbollah or Iran targets was made internally, & was not the result of pressure from U.S." A defense source says restraint is temporary, and real action is being delayed
Pentagon spokesman: We are concerned about Iran's actions and support for militias and terrorism
Human Rights Organizations: The armed militias in Iraq are preventing the displaced from returning to their areas
The United States imposes sanctions on the Lebanese militia Hezbollah
In a tactical operation, Iraqi Army and PMU kill three ISIS militants in Tarmiyah north of Baghdad. Among those killed was the head of an ISIS suicide bombers transportation cell "Omar Mahmoud"
For the first time, Iranian-backed pro-government militias including Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba and Liwa Fatemiyoun sent military reinforcements from areas in the Syrian Badia to Syria's south
The Popular Mobilization Forces demand the complete departure of the Americans in exchange for any calm
Israeli Prime Minister: The Iranian government practices terrorism in international shipping lanes
Israeli Prime Minister: Iran poses a clear danger to the stability of the region
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: Iran and Hezbollah are implicating Lebanon in a confrontation with Israel
1 month ago
Al-Rahi called on the army to prevent the launching of rockets from Lebanon: to end the military logic and adopt the logic of peace
1 month ago
Nasrallah: This was the case with Israel's recent strikes on Lebanon, we had to respond immediately. And our retaliation was in response to their airstrikes - and both friend and enemy said this was a studied retaliation, and this was correct
1 month ago
Nasrallah: The Israeli assessment was that the balance of deterrence created by the resistance would disintegrate through the raids
Nasrallah: Israel has not launched raids on Lebanon for 15 years because of its fear of the repercussions of the war with the resistance
1 month ago
Lebanese reports say IAF jet activity noted over the south of the country
One of the Hezbollah militants caught and arrested today for firing rockets at Israel has been released from custody1 month ago
One of the Hezbollah militants caught and arrested today for firing rockets at Israel has been released from custody
Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan sends a letter to the Security Council, demanding it urgently address the Hezbollah rocket attack, stressing that "Israel sees the Lebanese government as responsible for any action originating from within its territory
Hezbollah releases footage of the rocket barrage attack toward northern Israel this morning1 month ago
Hezbollah releases footage of the rocket barrage attack toward northern Israel this morning
Head of the Lebanese Phalange Party: We want a country in which arms are confined to the hands of the army
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