23 September 2021
Israeli army shot down a UAV over northern Israel skies; It is not clear yet if it was launched from inside Lebanese or Syrian territories4 month ago
Israeli army shot down a UAV over northern Israel skies; It is not clear yet if it was launched from inside Lebanese or Syrian territories
4 month ago
The Israeli army states it shot down a UAV as it approached the Jordan Valley
A video showing a mortar shell fired from Lebanon and landed shortly in southern Lebanon
4 month ago
Israeli artillery launches about 20 shells at the areas of the Lebanese border town of Kafr Shuba
4 month ago
Israeli artillery target Jabal Al-Sdana in the heights of Kafr Shuba and the outskirts of Al-Habariya town with 155 mm shells
4 month ago
Six rockets were launched towards the north Israel, all of which landed in Lebanon. The IDF returned artillery fire at the source of the launch
4 month ago
A barrage of 5 or 6 projectiles fired from Lebanon and landed in Lebanese territory. There are no falls in Israeli territory. No casualties or damage. Instruction to open shelters in space. Residents are not instructed to enter shelters
4 month ago
Ofer Moskowitz, spokesman for the Misgav Am settlement, updates Efi Ben Avraham: "In the meantime, we have been instructed to stay in the houses.”
4 month ago
Israeli army fire flare bombs over northern Israel borders with Lebanon
4 month ago
According to reports in Lebanon 3 projectiles were fired from Lebanon to Israel. Sirens and explosions were heard in the village of Misgav Am on the Israeli side of the border
4 month ago
1 mortar apparently impacts on the Lebanese side of the fence near Misgav Am on Israel's northern border, according to Channel 12
Sirens and sounds of explosions in the town of Metula on the Israel-Lebanon border
4 month ago
An alarm was activated in Misgav Am in the north Israel
4 month ago
The Israeli army fires at people who approached the security fence with Lebanon at the town of Manara
Israeli army: Overnight, Israeli army troops thwarted an attempt to damage the security fence with Lebanon Last night (Sunday), Israeli army troops spotted a number of Lebanese suspects approaching the security fence
Iraq iMilitia groups Kata'ib Sayyid al-Shuhada and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba have reportedly created "a group of fighters" in an undisclosed location to help the "axis of resistance" against Israel in support of the Palestinian people
Wounded in clashes between members of the National Defense militia in Qamishli
Israeli army spokesman confirms no artillery fire on the Israel-Lebanon border
Israeli army says forces are responding to suspects hurling Molotov cocktails and damaging the fence along the Lebanese border with riot control means and warning shots
Crowds gathering on Lebanon's border with Israel4 month ago
Crowds gathering on Lebanon's border with Israel
4 month ago
Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades published a statement saying it targeted Ofakim with rockets in response to the killing of Hezbollah militant Muhammad Tahan. However, they quickly deleted it and replaced it with 'repeated massacres.'
The body of Hezbollah militant Muhammad Tahan arriving in the town of Aadloun today. He was killed on Friday by Israeli army gunfire at the Lebanon-Israel border
The Israeli army holds the Lebanese authorities responsible for border security
Israeli army have released footage of the security incident on the northern border last night at Metula, a cell expected to be Hezbollah members attempted an infiltration, they were fired upon with warning shots by the Israeli army and then retreated. Explosives were found
Representatives of Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Ashab al-Kahf are insisting that "your Iraqi brothers participated" in the rocket attack earlier today targeting the Yesud HaMaala/Kafr Blum area in northern Israel launched from Syria's Quneitra Province
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Liwa Khaibar has released a video claiming responsibility for an alleged April 28 drone strike targeting American contractors working at Balad Air Base in Iraq's Salahudeen Province
4 month ago
3 rockets were fired from Syria towards Israel, which landed in an open area
4 month ago
Israeli army says recently 3 projectiles were fired from Syria towards Israel. 1 of the projectiles landed inside of Syria and the other 2 projectiles landed in open areas inside of the Golan Heights
Hezbollah says the man who dies today at the border with Israel was one of his members
Lebanese Hezbollah has announced the death of "the killed fighter" Mohammed Qasim Tahan "who was killed during his participation in the popular vigils and demonstrations on the Lebanese-Palestinian border
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