22 June 2021
1 year ago
6 members of the SAA and 4 of the "Hezbollah" militia were killed while trying to advance on the Haddadah and Kabina fronts, north of Latakia
The road in Khaldeh towards Beirut was blocked in protest against named-PM Hassan Diab
1 year ago
Germany have voted to outlaw Iran-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah
Hizbullah militia supporters are trying to enter the Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut
A medium-sized SkyLark Israeli UAV type, which flew for 20 minutes, over the site of the "UNIFIL" international forces, a site for the Lebanese army, and the neighborhoods of the town of Mays Al Jabal without any objection
Lebanese Civil Defense: 66 people were injured during the clashes in downtown Beirut
Lebanon - calm returns to downtown Beirut
Security forces have taken control of the Ring flyover in Beirut. Amal and Hezbollah supporters pushed back to Khandaq al Ghamiq
Lebanon -: armored vehicles arrive in the center of Beirut to repel Hezbollah and Amal militants
Imam of Khandak is asking Amal and Hezbollah supporters to stop the violence and go home. He's been speaking for the past few minutes. He sounds angry
Hezbollah/Amal also burning tents in Nabatiyeh
Hezbollah/Amal burning and destroying protesters' tents in Saida
The number of cars burned in downtown Beirut increased to 3
The men've moved away from Azariyeh & back up under the Ring. Lots of tear gas fired at them, fireworks & stones lobbed at policemen in riot gear. They remain on the street despite call from Hezbollah & Amal leadership to leave. Video from a camper in Martyrs Square.
Shia preachers on television pleading with rampaging men to go home: "If you love Ali, if you love Hussein, go home. you hearts are full of pain and hunger
Explosions heard in southern Lebanon believed to be related to an Israeli army exercise in northern Israel
The US Treasury imposes sanctions on Saleh Assi and Nazim Saeed Ahmed for funding Hezbollah
1 year ago
Hizbullah Nasrallah comments on statements by US officials related to Lebanon protest movement - says US considers these movements as tool to pressure Iran
[email protected] expected to sanction Lebanese close to Hezbollah today, according to report which originally appeared in Al-Arabiya
Iraqi Ministry of Defense: Securing the borders with Syria is done in coordination with the PMU
Lebanese Minister of Defense: If what is attributed to the adviser to the chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard regarding the exploitation of our lands is true, it is "unfortunate and unacceptable and contradicts Lebanon's sovereignty"
Asa'ib al-Haq(AAH) militia leader threatens: Tomorrow's demonstrations will see the as many deaths and destruction as possible
Iraq National Security Council decides to withdraw all PMU units from Baghdad and prevent the movement of any faction from it from its positions except with prior approval
4 (Katyusha) rockets hit a military base near Baghdad international airport, wounding 6 members of Iraqi security forces - Security Media Cell (statement).
Sounds of strong explosions heard near Baghdad Airport. Reports of rockets landed near (or at) the airport.
Baghdad just now, a sniper was shooting protesters near al-Khilani Square
The unarmed "blue hats" who are Saraya al-Salam militias members belongs to Muqtada al-Sadr have captured an individual claiming that he is a AAH militant who opened fire against protesters in Khilani Square according to a protesters who sent @LawkGhafuri the video.
Moqtada Sadr's Saraya al-Salam militias have been deployed near Baghdad's Tahrir Square after 'security forces' fired at protesters. — Saraya al-Salam arrested one person, affiliated with Iraqi Hezbollah militias, who was firing at protesters
Hezbollah commandos are back on Israel's border, armed with the element of surprise
Israel: Hezbollah undeterred after recent setbacks
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