23 September 2021
1 year ago
Nasrallah on attack at Lebanon-Syria border: The Israelis could have killed the guys in the Jeep, but they refrained. They fired a warning missile, and only destroyed the car. Because they're afraid that if they killed them, there would be a response
1 year ago
Nasrallah: It's not in Syria's interest to be gradually dragged into war with Israel while still contending with these armed groups, which is an existential war. So we are employing what is called strategic patience
1 year ago
Nasrallah: So why aren't we retaliating against Israel's strikes in Syria? Why don't we create the same equation in Syria as in Lebanon? Because we're not done with Syria and finishing off the armed groups, and that's the priority
1 year ago
Nasrallah: Wherever they're striking in Syria, they seem to be holding back from killing fighters, because they're worried about our response, lest they cross a line that we or Assad can't accept. So they don't have a total upper hand in the "war in between the wars"
1 year ago
Nasrallah: Israel's "war between the wars" is against Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinians, not just Hezbollah
Nasrallah speech: When they discovered the tunnels in the northern border and moved to destroy them, they sent messages through Egypt, Cyprus, and @UNIFIL_ that all they were trying to do was destroy tunnels and had no extra goals. This shows the deterrence established since 2000
Hashd al-Shaabi announces the arrest of ISIS' head of media in Salahadin province. Iraq
Coalition brought advanced air-defense systems to base in Deir ez-Zur
Lebanese reports of IAF activity over southern Lebanon
Israeli army UAV activity over Tyre and Nabatieh Lebanon
Hezbollah parade taking place this morning along the border wall/Blue Line in memory of Israel's/Israeli army disengagement from south Lebanon 20 years ago today1 year ago
Hezbollah parade taking place this morning along the border wall/Blue Line in memory of Israel's/Israeli army disengagement from south Lebanon 20 years ago today
Deir Ezzor: 5 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were wounded during clashes with the National Defense Militia in the city of Al-Mayadeen
Iran-backed Nujaba militia joins Hezbollah militia with a threatening statement against Saudi Arbia, claiming that "4000 Saudi militants entered Iraq within a year," vowing to take revenge
1 year ago
Nasrallah speaking on Al Quds day: The Israelis have failed to prevent the development/improvement of Hezbollah's military capabilities through their airstrikes
1 year ago
Nasrallah speaking at Al Quds day: Therefore, the real battle is with the U.S. government, not with this entity (waves hand dismissively). America wages wars in the region to further establish Israel - including Saddam's war against Iran, war in Yemen
1 year ago
Nasrallah Quds day speech on Israelis: We don't want to throw anyone into the sea. Those who came on ships and planes must be returned to their countries, and then there will be peace. This position will not be changed
1 year ago
Nasrallah speaking: We meet today on Quds Day, declared by Khomeini in 1979 after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran
1 year ago
Khamenei: Let that European government, which should be eternally ashamed for selling chemical agents to the government of Saddam Hussein, designate the honorable Hezbollah as 'illegal'. 'Illegal' is that same government whose chemical agents caused the death of thousands in Iran and Iraq
1 year ago
Khamenei: Hamas & IslamicJihad in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon have been a proof for everyone.The world will not forget the day Zionist army, pounded by Hezbollah, retreated from Lebanon & begged for a truce after heavy casualties. This is what full hands & a position of power means
Officials in the Israeli army Northern Command say they are alarmed by the significant increase in events along the Lebanese border fence
Quds Day billboard installed by Iran-backed militias in Diyala province, Iraq.1 year ago
Quds Day billboard installed by Iran-backed militias in Diyala province, Iraq.
USN P-8A conducts an ASuW ISR mission near Latakia Syria
Israeli army reportedly launching flares over Lebanon border near Houla1 year ago
Israeli army reportedly launching flares over Lebanon border near Houla
Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou said he is considering declaring Hezbollah a terrorist organization
Russia's Ambassador to Lebanon says that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization
One rocket lands near the US embassy in Iraqi capital of Baghdad: security sources
This is what happened at MBC Channel headquarters in Baghdad. The building was stormed and vandalized by protesters
According to the report by Hezbollah affiliated Al-Mayadeen News, Lebanon and their correspondent in Tehran, Iran. The Iranian Islamic Shura Council approves a draft resolution to confront Israeli attacks
US Department of Homeland Security seizes web domain for Lebanon-based EKT Katrangi electronics stores, which offered online shopping; the US sanctioned the firm in 2018 for allegedly supplying Syria's SSRC advanced weapons program (hat tip - @thawramap Instagram account)
1 year ago
During the morning hours, the Lebanese military is reporting that at least 3 Israeli reconnaissance drones were spotted crossing into Lebanese airspace and circling over various areas of southern Lebanon
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