Map. History of Hezbollah conflict

17 August 2018
Hezbollah deputy leader meets Baalbeck gov. after death threats
Nasrallah: The plan against Syria, Iraq, sanctions against Iran (to crumble), Yemen all failed. O' honorable people of Yemen, please know that those who killed your Children and women, also killed our people in Beirut and you too will be victorious like our people in Lebanon
Nasrallah: The United States is putting a lot of pressure on the Lebanon government for its sea and land borders, for the benefit of Israel. They can no longer push Lebanon or Syria.
Nasrallah on the Syria and Israel conflict, Israel is heavily involved in the world war against Syria, heavily aiding the militants in Southern Syria, and were propagating that Assad will be brought down in a number of months.
Nasrallah: Israel from today is calculating its full cost of war against us. Why? because they know we are a serious enemy. Since 2006 they have been intel gathering, especially about our combat in Syria.
Big demonstration in Mosul today with people demanding that Kata'ib Sayyid Shuhada remain in the city
Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said if Israel decides to go to start a war, he "will import the next war into Israel" by sending ground forces to attack settlements and cities close to the Lebanese borders.
Al Bukamal, Eastern Deir ez-Zur: tensions between NDF and Iranian militia ended after few days
Iraqi Army to take control of Mosul city and Baiji oil refinery, despite Hashd al-Shaabi objections
Head of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units orders the shutdown of all PMU political and economical offices in all provinces of Iraq. Additionally, all PMU forces will withdraw from Mosul.
Civilians wounded by artillery shelling of by pro-Assad forces stationed in the towns of Nabul and Zahra on the city of Anadan countryside in north Aleppo last night
From Brigade 53 Lalish governmentnt commader: there is no truth to withdrawals of PMF from Sinjar or the border strip. The brigades on the border are rotating out their units and replacing them with another.
An explosion was reported in military depot belong to The Brigade of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas wich's a part of Iraqi PMF Militia near Karbala
Report from Deir-ez-Zur: 12 buses with Hezbollah fighters left Deir-ez-Zur today and went to Aleppo
Hezbollah militia: Delayed formation of the Lebanese government threatens to slide the country into tension
UN envoy Danon: New UNIFIL commander can help fight against Hezbollah
In Iraq, 15 injured by explosion of PMF (Hashd) weapons cache in Karbala.
Israel DM wiederholt rote Linien in Bezug auf Syrien - strikte Einhaltung des Waffenstillstandes von 1974, der es dem Iran nicht erlaubt, Syrien als Front gegen Israel zu benutzen und Syrien nicht als Transitland für fortgeschrittene Waffenlieferungen an die Hisbollah zuzulassen.
Das IRGC eröffnet ein Einschulungsbüro in seiner Stadt Sabikhan, Osten Deir-ez-Zur
Bei Tageslicht dringt der IS in ein Dorf im Bezirk Hadr in der südwestlichen Provinz Ninawa im Irak ein und tötet 4 Dorfbewohners. ISIS entkommt in die Wüste. Stammes-PMF (Hashd) sagt, dass solche Angriffe üblich sind.
FSA Nationale Befreiungsfront Käpitan Naji Mustafa: "[durch Abhören in der Nähe von Zahia Türm, Latakia], fanden wir die Anwesenheit von iranischen und irakischen Milizen und libanesischen Hisbollah und Milizen der NDF, zusätzlich zu den Milizen von Mihraç Ural"
[email protected] reports that US secretary for FP Pompeo refused to see Lebanon foreign minister Gebran Bassil who was also warned about more pressure applied on Lebanon over Hezbollah
Lebanon's Hariri says optimistic on government formation
Houthi leader appeals to Putin, asking him to help bring an end to Yemen's civil war
Die iranische Miliz fängt einen Konvoi von Vertriebenen aus Quneitra bei Homs ab3 Woche zuvor
Die iranische Miliz fängt einen Konvoi von Vertriebenen aus Quneitra bei Homs ab
Hisbollah-Mitglieder, die aus Syriens Foua evakuiert wurden, und Kafraya kamen in den Libanon zurück.
Al Badr Militia Fighters opening fire against protesters in Diwaniya southern of Iraq, till now 1 protester have been killed and many injured.
Footage shows the protester who have been killed in Diwaniyah southern of Iraq by Iranian backed Al Badr Militia fire.
Explosion of a equipment store belonging to one of the factions (Hashd Al Shebi ) east of Karbala
DeirEzzor: Irakische Hisbollah-Milizen ziehen sich von al-Bukamal in den Irak zurück
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